Daniel Tiger’s Rhythms of Grace

The songs of Daniel Tiger have become little liturgies that shape my daughter’s days.

The Sojourner on the Pitcher’s Mound: Remembering José Fernandez

Fernandez ’s talent made him a star—but what made him truly special was his role as a bridge between Cuban-Americans and the world around them.

In ABZÛ, You Don’t Just Admire Beauty—You Create It

ABZÛ’s unfamiliarity emphasizes a deeper wonder behind beauty that we seldom acknowledge in our lives, much less in our games.

Suffering Beautifully with ‘That Dragon, Cancer’

We may be broken, but ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ confesses that we are never alone nor without hope.

When Serving the Government Gets in the Way of Serving God

God or country? A faith-based humanitarian organization partnered with the Pentagon to gather intelligence while engaged in aid work in foreign countries, indicating a disturbing confusion over the priorities of Christians in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Celebrating Satoru Iwata’s Legacy of Community and Joy

In a way, Iwata’s life spoke a universal language that transcended his status as Nintendo’s president.

As ‘Game of Thrones’ outpaces its source material, what’s the cost of its ongoing narrative?

It’s hard to see how the show can add anything worthwhile to Martin’s established world.

‘Parks and Recreation’: No Mid-Level Bureaucrat Is an Island

Few shows have given us a chance to see what happens after what we might label a perfect ending. In moving and managing the show forward three years for its last season, Parks and Recreation shows it understands how time necessarily reveals our inherent need to create meaningful relationships.

A Farewell to Anberlin: Lost Causes and New Seasons

We’re on the same side of the stage now.

Weird Al Yankovic’s Mandatory Fun: Who and What We Are

Yankovic makes the cross-examination humorous, welcoming, and, for a believer, a reminder that we share a common Creator despite our differences.

Gaining Steam: A Summer Videogame Sale Offers Opportunity for Community

The Summer Sale recognizes we project our natural and shared desire to belong within a community onto our purchases.

Half-Life 3 and the Wisdom of Waiting

Valve embodies a message that few companies – gaming or otherwise – have the discipline to embrace: delayed gratification.

Can a Videogame Teach Grace?

That Dragon, Cancer prompts us to question what it means not to pursue a goal, but to abandon those goals to embrace another human being.

How Videogame Cheating Breaks the Digital Self

Cheating unearths an intrinsically flawed aspect of our humanity: a sinful nature desiring control regardless of the cost.

Marquez, Vamp, and Me – Metal Gear Solid and the Supernatural

Marquez’s writings help us understand that literary and gaming stories reflect a universal truth: our physical world is inhabited by a supernatural God who takes an active interest in our own stories.

Atari’s Buried Treasure: Uncovering Failure in a New Mexico Landfill

This past Saturday, the company documented its attempt to uncover the trove of gaming history, and as proof that all hidden sins eventually come to light, Atari’s legendary trove was found and unearthed for all to see.