Vincent Colbert’s Unwind, Free for CaPC Members

Vincent Colbert is a Denver-based singer-songwriter with a silky voice and a knack for sad songs.

‘A New Heart’ by Civilized Creature: A Creative and Jarring Spiritual Experience, Free for CAPC Members

Civilized Creature’s “A New Heart” is uncharted musical territory.

“More Postcards From Purgatory” by Harrison Lemke: An Album that Understands Pain, Free for CAPC Members

More Postcards from Purgatory captures the emotional life of someone living in between heaven and hell, and sends back some pretty accurate data.

Ronnie Fauss: Redemptive but Not Whitewashed Alt-Country, Free for CAPC Members

Ronnie Fauss is true americana.

Anthony Bourdain and the Dangerous Empathy of Food

Maybe, if we are willing to share a table with somebody, we will understand them. We’ll love them. “They,” who ever they are, won’t be other after a meal—they’ll be “us.”

The Gray Havens’ “Where Eyes Don’t Go”: Imaginative Christian Music Reminiscent of Lewis or Tolkien, Free for CAPC Members

Their storytelling and the clear allegories come off not as preachy but as imaginative and devotional.

Andrew Osenga’s “Soul EP”: Like an Old Friend that Understands, Free for CAPC Members

On the Soul EP, Osenga explores the difficulties of transition, raising a family, and understanding the brokenness in the world while clinging to the gospel.

Punk Rock and the Protestant Reformation

I began to connect the theology that I was studying with the music I was listening to. The origins of both fascinated me.

Clickhole’s Existential Truth: You Are Not Okay

The truth behind the big joke that is Clickhole is that we’re not okay.

True Detective: A Good Detective Is Hard To Find

This Southern Gothic neo-noir crime drama is also a look at two men wrestling with their understandings of God and humanity.

“Something Is Happening Here”: Why Christians Should Read Rock Critic, Greil Marcus

Greil Marcus is doing what Christians have been doing since the book of Acts—re-mythologizing culture.

The Justification of Death in ‘Justified’

In the hills of Justified’s Eastern Kentucky, death is explored as both a unique phenomenon and a fact of life.

The Resurrected Memories of The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson’s newest film entertains questions about myth and the unique truthfulness of memory.

The Sovereign Good of ‘Community’ and Community College

Drive-By Truckers: Your Life Sucks and That’s Okay

I need encouragement, and I definitely need the gospel, but man, the honesty of the Truckers is refreshing.

Listening Closely to ‘Wolf of Wall Street’: Music as a Moral Clue in the Films of Martin Scorsese

Scorsese has left us clues in Wolf of Wall Street and his other “irredeemable” films as to the truly moral, redeemable nature of his work — particularly through his use of music.