18. Jason Isbell – Southeastern: “Some of the Most Powerful Fiction of the Year” #CaPC25

God and Country Music: 5 Christmas Country Songs That Aren’t Awful

Jason Isbell’s Decoration Day and Stories of Truth

“in ‘Decoration Day’, Isbell has done what a long line of storytellers have done before him: giving us tangible truth in a beautiful, unquantifiable parable.”

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘Letters To Malcolm’

Prayer can bring tension and yet intimacy. C. S. Lewis helped remind me of its beauty.

The Understated Power of Influence: Why Lou Reed is Such a Big Deal, Even If You’ve Never Heard of Him

“15 minutes of fame be damned: Lou Reed will have decades of influence.”

God and Country Music: Stories and Reformation in Outlaw Country

Nick Rynerson finds commonalities between the stories of Christianity and Outlaw Country.

God and Country Music: Shovels & Rope’s Punk-Rock, Incidental Spirituality

“Regardless of the intention behind Shovels & Rope’s spiritual aesthetics, they are present throughout.”

God and Country Music: Eric Church’s “Springsteen” Is Sort of Like Heaven

“Born To Run was in my CD player on my wedding day, so now I can’t listen to “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out” without thinking nostalgically about putting on my suit and taking pre-wedding photos with my bride-to-be. In my memory, my wedding day was perfect.”

God and Country: Echoes of the Church in American Music

Popular music generally and Americana in particular are full of Christian relics—images, sounds, and pictures that innately yearn for their spiritual fulfillment.

How The Psalms Made Folk Music

“Along with being God’s perfect word, the hymnbook of the Bible is an unparalleled artistic achievement that has not only transformed the Church but the entirety of Western music and culture.”

God and Country Music: “Sin City,” 40 Years after Gram Parsons

“Parsons figured out how to merge the old and new, sacred and saeculum (the current age).”

Corporate Culture and Christian Thought

“Much of the despondency, cynicism, and unhealthiness in the present day American workplace come because businesses place objectives above everything else.”

Reza Aslan’s Grand Inquisitor

“Dostoyevsky isn’t telling us that the truth was in ourselves, he is telling us that the truth is in the true person of Jesus, and Jesus is found in the church.”

God And Country Music: New Avett Brothers Album Means Only Good Things

“What make the Avett Brothers such a wonderful group is their consistency and their heart.”

God and Country Music: The Musical Stylings of the Film Mud

The Last Battle of The Civil Wars