Authentically Christian Music with a Devout Heart at the Core: Jay Tholen

Tholen doesn’t hold back when it comes to his spiritual beliefs, and his artistic ingenuity results in music that is equal parts engrossing and confounding.

Some Nice Things That Cool People are Saying about Christ and Pop Culture

We asked some people to tell you why you should support Christ and Pop Culture, and the stuff they wrote in response was incredibly nice. Here are just a few of the responses.

Lord Willing: The Future of Christ and Pop Culture and Your Place In It

Christ and Pop Culture Memberships are a unique opportunity for you to become a crucial and invested part of this outlet by directly supporting our work.

Call for Writers

Want to write for Christ and Pop Culture?

Loving Your Neighbor’s Facebook Feed

We’re all famous now. The question is how to deal with it.

CAPC’s Approach to Culture: The Whole, Glorious Truth

We can no longer convince ourselves that we are merely dabbling in popular culture. The truth is, we’ve always been a part of it.

Living with Longing: The Genuine Challenge of Singleness, Chastity, and Heartbreak

God gave us the gift of marriage and family as a foundation for service, not as a cave to retreat into, and He gave us the gift of singleness as an opportunity for unfettered ministry to others.

5. Gone Home: “To be Fearful, Alone, and Disenfranchised” #CaPC25

Introducing the #CaPC25: A List of Our Favorite Things of 2013

“All this week we at Christ and Pop Culture will unveil our 25 favorite things from the year.”

11. Netflix and Hulu: “A Relative Amount of Creative Freedom” #CaPC25

16. Kentucky Route Zero: “Playing Becomes a Kind of Rest” #CaPC25

Take a break from striving and let this game take you to a place of peaceful waiting and discovery.

A Call for Writers

Hip Hop, Beauty, and the Eye of the Beholder

“The question we ought to ask about rap is not whether it proclaims God’s nature and truth to the world, but how.”

The Human Generation: How the Last Generation of Videogame Consoles Changed Gaming Forever

“Videogames have revived themselves by moving the focus from computer processors and features, to human beings.”

Taken for Granted: Why the Church Must Acknowledge Illness

“It’s tempting to think of our physical state as secondary to our spiritual state, but the reality is that these things are tied together and inseparable.”

Consuming with Clear Eyes: Why Cultural Discernment Is up to You

“Our goal is to equip you for the task of cultural discernment, not necessarily to do it for you.”