Doctor Who’s Doctrine: ‘New Cruel People’ vs. ‘Prepared to Forgive’

Christians can learn from the Doctor’s fight for peace in the recent Doctor Who story “The Zygon Inversion.”

The Muppets Are More Than Idealized Memories or Cynical Culture

Despite all our cultural voices’ demands to sex-reboot all the things, some of us really do want to keep certain things “sacred” such as The Muppets.

Challenging the Culture of Quarrelsome ‘Discernment’ Blogging

The call to true biblical pastoring shames many Internet groups’ constant “rebuking” that is void of both grace and truth.

Apollo 13: When Will We Be Going Back?

The historical drama reveals our wonder with space exploration and hints at the reasons we prefer the dust of earth to the light of stars.

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Is a Gourmet Cheeseburger for Christian Fans

The Avengers can’t be stopped, and their latest big-budget adventure shows the cinematic superhero genre at its zenith.

Yes, New Earth Will Have Movies!

I believe that popular culture will last into eternal life — yes, including literal discs and books and songs.

Rediscovering Beauty, Truth, and Magic in ‘Cinderella’

In Branagh’s ‘Cinderella,” what’s old is made new, and we have rediscovered that what we thought was a flat and tired old story has a new dimension and is full of life.

Korrasami Bends ‘The Legend of Korra’ In All The Wrong Ways

How can Christian fans enjoy ‘The Legend of Korra’ apart from attempts to hijack the story to promote social causes?

“Intolerant Liberal Friends”: Ark Encounter’s Culture-War Confusions

Can we build an awesome Noah’s Ark replica for God’s glory without attaching lesser evangelism excuses or taunts of atheist enemies?

“The Hobbit”: The Battle of Delighting in Stories

Before I could enjoy The Hobbit films I felt I had to fight my own battle of five armies.

Will Exodus: Gods and Kings Fear the Fantastical?

I want Ridley Scott’s upcoming film to succeed, but why in an age of cinematic magic and miracles does the director seem to fear the fantastical?

Doctor Who’s Doctrine: Heroes Can Be Idiots Because Love Is a Promise

In series 8 the hero of “Doctor Who” answers the question of his own identity: Is he a good man?

The Left Behind I Wish I’d Seen

Even the original Left Behind novel series showed more truth and humanity than the soulless new movie.

Doctor Who’s Doctrine: The Doctor of Philosophy

Behind each of series eight’s first three episodes seems to lie probing questions about not only the very identity of the Doctor himself but the whole concept of Doctor Who.

Exodus: Gods, Kings, and Evangelical Headcanon

But especially after evangelicals’ debates over Noah earlier this year, Christians must reevaluate how and why Scriptural accounts should be adapted for movies.

Looking Back at My “Left Behind” Fandom

I just wish more evangelicals realized Left Behind is still just end times fantasy and could have fun with it anyway, rather than taking it all so seriously.