Touchdown Jesus: Masculinity Stands Up to What’s #MoreThanMean

#MoreThanMean shows that while abuse may be destructive, disgusting, and altogether intolerable, it is not a problem beyond hope of redemption.

Touchdown Jesus: In the NFL Draft, Does Function Trump Value?

During the draft process, the NFL is often exclusively concerned with a person’s functional worth. Is this justified? I’m not sure.

Touchdown Jesus: Premium Seats and the Challenges of Change

The battle over Yankee Stadium’s premium seats reveals the tensions between old and new.

Touchdown Jesus: Erin Andrews’ Harassment Shows the Sports World’s Injustice

The sports world’s treatment of women must change—now.

5 Reasons Donald Trump Earned His Place in the WWE Hall of Fame

Many feel that because his background is in business, Trump doesn’t fit in with his esteemed peers, but I disagree; Donald Trump has more than earned his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Touchdown Jesus: Ronda Rousey’s Loss and the Worship of Winning

Ronda Rousey’s defeat signals a universal human vulnerability—one that is meant to equip us for communion with others and with Christ.

How a Bunch of ‘Impractical Jokers’ Helped Me Overcome the Isolation of Grief

‘Impractical Jokers’ made us feel closer to other human beings, and allowed us to feel that closeness from a respectable distance.

Touchdown Jesus: Johnny Football’s Fall before the Altar of Icon

While Johnny Manziel’s trademark may be official, his name is still pending review.

Touchdown Jesus: Should You Rebuke a Sports Fanatic?

Sports fanaticism is not merely moral; it is, in many instances, helpful, praiseworthy, and good.

Touchdown Jesus: Sports Fans’ Part in the PED Problem

Sports fans are not simply spectators—we are consumers, enabling the systems that silently encourage athletes to abuse their minds and bodies for the sake of our entertainment

Star Wars Episode III: Everything I Fear to Lose

In Episode III, Anakin begins to struggle in a way so uniquely human that I cannot help but relate.

Touchdown Jesus: Tube Socks and Devotion in Kobe’s “Dear Basketball”

Kobe Bryant’s devotion to basketball is just one example of the countless ways human beings demonstrate a capacity for worship.

Touchdown Jesus: Peyton Manning Is Like a Breath, His Days a Fleeting Shadow

Peyton Manning is an athlete whose flesh had failed him—whose spirit is outlasting his body—and it resonates with us in ways that goes beyond athletics or sports fandom.

Playboy Magazine: Less Nudity but Still the Same Porn

Playboy is still in the business of peddling pornography, even if less nudity is involved.

Parenting Persons, Not Projects

When my worth as a person is determined by whether or not my son is on a forward trajectory toward achievement, I strip my son of the right to fail and still be valuable.

My Experience with the Women’s World Cup: An Evolution of Womanhood and Community

When your expectations for womanhood are formed without any real concept of what womanhood means, there are bound to be discrepancies.