Professor Jessica Hooten Wilson is joined by Andrew Peterson to discuss The Book of the Dun Cow. Together they discuss the themes of “creation care” and how Walter Wangerin, Jr.’s fantasy novel from 1978 teaches us how to love the earth we have been blessed with better.

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Works referenced:

  • The Book of the Dun Cow by Walter Wangerin, Jr.

Information on Host:

Jessica Hooten Wilson is a Senior Fellow at Trinity Forum, the inaugural Visiting Scholar of Liberal Arts at Pepperdine University, and the author of several books, including The Scandal of Holiness: Renewing Your Imagination in the Company of Literary SaintsLearning the Good Life: From the Great Hearts and Minds that Came Before, and Giving the Devil his Due: Flannery O’Connor and The Brothers Karamazov

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Information on Andrew Peterson:

Andrew Peterson is a singer songwriter and founder of the Rabbit Room in 2008 which fosters Christ-centered community and spiritual formation through music, story, and art.

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