In the third episode of Burn After Listening, Nick talks with Christ and Pop Culture editor-in-chief Richard Clark about sad, sad songs: heartbreak music, break-up songs, and the sounds that get you through tough times.

Theme music by Brad Sucks, used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

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  1. When you started having the conversation about heartbreak songs, I couldn’t help but put together my top playlist, so here it is with a brief description of each song.

    My Heartbreak Playlist:

    Adam Again – Ain’t No Sunshine
    Amazing cover of a classic song – done SO very well with Gene & Riki signing together.

    Plankeye – Goodbye
    Slow and sad, then building. Melancholy and beautiful. the description of death in a relationship even while alive is really insightful.

    Adam Again – River On Fire
    Sad and heartbreaking- great music and amazing lyrics describing a ralationship to the Cuyahoga – River on Fire – if one is happy, the other is miserable.

    The Violet Burning – Stay With Me
    Not sure why this always makes me sad when I hear it, but it’s an easy way to make me moody. I think it’s full of longing and fear of being alone.

    Phutureprimitive – The Changeling
    EVERY time I have to travel away from home for work, this song pops into my head and buries its way in for a while. It makes me miss my wife even more than I otherwise would have. Great glitchy music and The Lyrics? : It doesn’t feel the same without you…

    The Lost Dogs – If You Loved Here You’d Be Home By Now
    betrayal turned into snarky sarcasm-

    Michael W. Smith – Pray for Me
    THE Christian break-up song when I was in college.

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