Pitches must have both strong Christian and pop culture emphases. Consider developing your article around TV series, movies, books, songs, events, trends, and habits that address the theme of tribalism, positively and/or negatively.

America is heading into what will almost certainly be one of the most controversial and contentious presidential elections in its history. Our nation is already rife with political, social, and cultural division, with people drawing lines in the sand to keep their own unique and particular tribe(s) apart from all of the others. The 2024 election season is sure to only magnify and exacerbate that situation.

How have artists sought to explore, understand, and depict tribalism? What light can they shine onto our present situation? What warnings and critiques can they offer? And perhaps more interestingly, are there any TV series, movies, books, etc., that offer a positive view of tribalism? Or is tribalism always something to be avoided?

Features should be something more than just a long blog post. We’re looking for magazine-style, insightful, detailed, original, and well-crafted pieces. We pay $75 for each feature that we accept and publish. Submit a one-paragraph pitch by noon on Monday, July 1, 2024.

Before submitting a pitch, please review our pitch submission guidelines.

We are unable to respond to all pitches. If we choose your pitch, a full draft of your article will be due by Saturday, August 31, 2024. You will also need to be available for revisions during the weeks following your submission.

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