Making Peace with the World Through the Music of Luxury

As I read the headlines, I still feel the impulse to disconnect and disengage; but with this song’s help, it gets reframed.

Walter Martin’s Song, Niggle’s Leaf, and The God Who Makes All Things New

Tolkien’s story and Martin’s song tap into something that accompanies creative endeavors: the desire to make something of lasting value, to leave a mark in the world.

A Separate Bargain: How Grief Is an Act of Love

How many parents, driven to despair, have offered their lives to God or the devil if only their child could survive?

Love and Loss with Metalcore

My daughter Jess died in 2015, yet through music, she feels less absent somehow. Her CDs are a bridge of sorts, conciliatory and consoling.

Zach Bryan Is Pinin’ After God’s Own Heart

You won’t find Zach Bryan on Christian radio and some churchgoers may blush at his brashness, but Christian themes roll off his tongue as smoothly as curses.

Kacey Musgraves’ Search for “The Architect”

There is an architect, one that is not distant but rather, wants to be in relationship with every one of his creatures.

We Need To Calm Down About Taylor Swift

Instead of retaliating, what if we humbly listened to those who harbor genuine grievances, pain, and fears regarding Christianity?

Guilty as Sin? Mother Taylor Swift and Our Tortured Desires

What should we do with our desires and what do they do to us? How do our desires shape who we are?

Is a Religious Life a Wasted Life?

We are made for happiness, and happiness can only be found in the God of Holy Love.

Dancing in the Dark: Finding Flickers of Meaning in Pop Music Nihilism

How is it that a catchy melody, solid groove, or infectious hook can make you want to dance to even the darkest and most nihilistic of thoughts?

CAPC’s Favorite Music of 2023

Our favorite music of 2023 includes the return of pop music icons, a pop-punk reunion, goth legends in concert, Tay Tay (of course), and more.

Blink-182’s Reunion Reveals Our Need for Relational Guidance

“ONE MORE TIME” reminds us of mortality, of the freedom that righting wrongs provides, and of the joy of long-term human connection.

1983 vs. 2023: When Is Revival Right for America?

Some Christians want their version of revival so desperately that they try to force revival through fearmongering.

Reflections on Tom Waits’ “Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis”

Waits’ inimitable barroom baritone paints a vivid picture of a lonely soul living at the edge of Christmas.

Laufey’s Jazz Album Bewitched and the Sublime of Falling in Love

Laufey’s album is a call to be once again enchanted by the beauty of love in a disenchanted world.

Finding the Divinity of Jesus Christ Superstar’s Countercultural Messiah

Once you get past all the counterculture posturing, Jesus Christ Superstar gets one crucial thing right about the gospel accounts.