Twenty One Pilots and the Blurryface in All of Us

Blurryface, the new album from Twenty One Pilots, communicates our longing to be known by those around us and, more importantly, by our Maker.

Women Behaving Badly: What Miranda Lambert’s ‘Vice’ Is Really Telling Us

Country star Miranda Lambert gives us insight into sexual freedom for women: does it mean behaving as badly as men?

The Neverland Hope in Chance the Rapper’s “Same Drugs”

As Chance and his hometown quietly take turns sharing their sides of the story of his maturation, we begin to wonder who really changed—Wendy or Pan?

What’s Getting Us Through the Summer: CaPC Staff Recommendations

Here’s what our writers are consuming this summer when they’re not writing.

Vincent Colbert’s Unwind, Free for CaPC Members

Vincent Colbert is a Denver-based singer-songwriter with a silky voice and a knack for sad songs.

A Model of Christian Parody: What The Babylon Bee Can Learn from Weird Al

Weird Al Yankovic can show us all how poking fun doesn’t have to be so harmful, and not every joke about another human being creates an enemy.

CaPC Membership, Civil Discourse, and a Hamilton Lip Sync Battle

The Christ and Pop Culture members group, and an impromptu Hamilton Lip Sync Battle, might be the only good things you’ll find on Facebook.

The Unflinching Introspection of David Bazan’s ‘Blanco’

Bazan all but ignores the news headlines, opting instead to spill his guts about love, sex, self-destruction, fatherhood, mortality, family, and hope.

Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Soucy’s Wayword: A Liturgy for the Digital Age

With the release of Wayword, the band Mr & Mrs. Garrett Soucy gives listeners a stripped-down liturgy that is perfect for the digital age.

Bono, Eugene Peterson, and the Vocation of Friendship

Want to be a better friend? Bono and Eugene Peterson give us some pointers.

Ecovillage’s ‘All the Colors Speak of You’: Musical Stillness, Free for CAPC Members

Ecovillage’s ‘All the Colors Speak of You’ is an exclusively curated album for Christ and Pop Culture members

How the Hillsong Cool Factor Changed Worship for Good and for Ill

Hillsong has been a major player in transforming Christianity from a communal lifestyle to a spectator sport.

Amanda Palmer’s Emotion-Centered Aesthetic

The rawness of Amanda Palmer’s work is a reflection of herself and the emotion at the core of her artistic identity.

Hamilton and Trump: Making America Great Through Self-Promotion?

Hamilton’s insistence that he can and must save himself echoes, in a slightly altered key, Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign.

‘The Life of Pablo’ and the Messy, Scandalous Redemption of Kanye West

‘The Life of Pablo’ is a messy, but redemptive album from Kanye West

Listening Closer: Lucinda Williams’ Lenten Liturgy

Lucinda Williams’ ‘The Ghosts of Highway 20’ works as the perfect soundtrack for an Ash Wednesday liturgy.