Seeing and Believing 375 | Tetris & Amadeus

Do video games count as art? Kevin and Sarah want to know as they review Tetris. They also review the Oscar-winning 1984 film, Amadeus.

The Scandal of Reading 21 | Mary McCampbell on Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory

Mary W. McCampbell joins the show to talk about Graham Greene’s novel, The Power and the Glory and the themes of the “Whiskey Priest.”

Seeing and Believing 374 | John Wick: Chapter 4 & The Warriors (1979)

Sarah and returning guest Abby Olcese find themselves reviewing not one but two adrenaline-soaked action movies this week.

The Scandal of Reading 20 | Kaitlyn Schiess on Dorothy L. Sayers’ Zeal of thy House

Writer, Author, and ThD student Kaitlyn Schiess joins Jessica to talk about their love for Dorothy L. Sayers’ Zeal of Thy House.

Seeing and Believing March 2023 Bonus | Inherit the Wind with Truce Podcast

In this bonus episode, Sarah and Kevin sit down with Chris Staron of Truce Podcast to discuss Inherit the Wind.

Seeing and Believing 373 | 65 & All Is Lost

Sarah and Kevin find themselves in survival situations this week with Adam Driver in “65”, and Robert Redford in “All is Lost.”

The Scandal of Reading 19 | Lit Pulpit – Go Tell It On the Mountain, Part 2

Claude and Austin discuss their impressions of Baldwin’s cast of characters and the critical importance of setting.

Seeing and Believing 372 | Godland & My Night at Maud’s

Kevin and Sarah spend this week contending with morality and the heavy questions of faith.

The Scandal of Reading 18 | Jessica Hooten Wilson on Reading for the Love of God

On this special episode, Claude Atcho interviews Jessica Hooten Wilson regarding her forthcoming book, Reading for the Love of God.

Seeing and Believing 371 | Creed III & Raging Bull

Kevin and Sarah strap on their boxing gloves and go a few rounds with the latest Rocky sequel, Creed III and Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull.

The Scandal of Reading 17 | D.L. Mayfield on Dorothy Day’s The Long Loneliness

D.L. Mayfield joins the show to discuss the life and writings of the social worker and self-described anarchist Dorothy Day.

Seeing and Believing 370 | Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania & Edge of Tomorrow

Kevin and Sarah take on the latest MCU installment, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Edge of Tomorrow in the watchlist segment.

The Scandal of Reading 16 | Lit Pulpit – Go Tell It On The Mountain

Austin and Claude delve into James Baldwin’s debut novel.

Seeing and Believing 369 | Magic Mike’s Last Dance & The Swimmer (1968)

It’s raining men! Kevin and Sarah review Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike’s Last Dance and Frank Perry’s The Swimmer.

The Scandal of Reading 15 | Patti Callahan Henry on CS Lewis’ Till We Have Faces

Jessica is joined by Patti Callahan Henry to discuss their shared love for C.S. Lewis and the story of Joy Davidman.

Seeing and Believing 368 | Poker Face & Bad Times at the El Royale

Kevin and Sarah confront the truth in all forms in Rian Johnson’s Poker Face, then Drew Goddard’s 2018 movie Bad Times at the El Royale.