Odds are you’re familiar with Seth T. Hahne’s work, whether you know it or not. For the last three years, he’s been illustrating features for Christ and Pop Culture, applying his own wit, perspective, and creativity often to surprising and fascinating ends. Hahne’s illustrations can be subversive, hilarious, touching, heartbreaking, or just plain beautiful (by the way, these illustrations are regularly offered as wallpapers for members). As we’ve watched his work evolve over time, we knew that whenever he was able to produce something based on his own whim rather than that of writers and and editors, it would be amazing. We were right.

Golden Rules is that very thing – a genius, concise argument for total depravity that hits home and illustrates the mundane and simple nature of sin. Also, it’s beautiful, hilarious, and thought-provoking. It won’t take you a long time to read, but you’ll want to read it again. Then you’ll want to share it with others. We suspect Seth would encourage you to do so. It’s currently free to download for Christ and Pop Culture Members, along with three exclusive Golden Rules themed wallpapers.

If you like it, consider backing his Kickstarter. For just $10, you’ll get a print version of Golden Rules, which you can literally hand to anyone you want, watch them expectantly as they read it, and make them uncomfortable as they sit in silence and wait for you to say something after you’re done. For more money, you can get even more amazing stuff, like prints of artwork from Golden Rules, and a print copy of a really touching and beautiful microcomic called Rainy Day Love Song. You’ll want it so you can read it to your child one day.

Hahne also reviews comic books and graphic novels over at Good Ok Bad. You might want to start with his Top 100 Comics, or his list of Great Graphic Novels for Kids.