We would love to hear from you and consider your guest pitch for our site content. Send us your thoughts, feelings, and feedback. If you want to write for us, see the details below the contact form.

Writing for Christ and Pop Culture

There are two avenues for pursuing publication at Christ and Pop Culture:

1. Write for Our Site (unpaid)

Our site content is written by our paid staff writers, but we typically reserve one slot a week for content from a guest writer. Please note that web content contributed by guest writers is unpaid. Send a pitch to be considered as a guest writer. Web articles are 1,000–2,000 words. See pitch and writing guidelines below.

2. Write for Our Digital Magazine (paid)

Answer a call for articles for our digital magazine. Magazine features are paid, long-form articles, 1,500–3,000 words. We take pitches from anyone and everyone. See pitch and writing guidelines below.

Pitch & Writing Guidelines

  • Be sure your pitch has a strong pop culture framework.
  • Do not send a full article for your pitch; we won’t have the time to read unsolicited pieces.
  • Keep your pitch to one paragraph. Include a thesis and some ideas about how you will develop your thesis throughout the piece.
  • Keep our audience in mind. We focus on pop culture from a Christian perspective. We recommend reading a few magazine features and articles tagged Editor’s Picks to get a sense of what we publish.
  • Think cultural analysis rather than devotional or first-person narratives.
  • Include a two-sentence bio to help us understand why you would be qualified to write on this topic.
  • Include links to two or three articles that you have published, even if it is your own blog (but preferably at other publications).

Please note:

  • We do not have time to respond to every pitch.
  • We primarily publish original content and only in very rare cases do we re-publish a previously released article.
  • We do not accept sponsored posts or links.