The Health Care Bill has crashed and burned. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she does not have the votes to pass the Senate version and any compromise will not pass both bodies. So, what’s next? The best idea, I think, is not to quit but to start over. Opposing the current plans never necessitated being against any reform.

My advice:  look not for a silver bullet but a series of bills that can garner bi-partisan support. Look to allow insurance to be sold across state lines, breaking up corporation/government cooperation-based monopolies. See about a targeted plan for insuring those too economically hurt to afford their own insurance. Pass moderate tort reform. If these ideas would pass, Democrats could quickly shed their growing image of being too idealogical and out of touch, giving them (deserving) credit for being bi-partisan. It would also save many of them their jobs this Fall, not to mention making health care better if not completely “fixed.”

The Health Care Bill is dead. Long live the Health Care Bill(s)!