So, for those of you not fed up with elections from the 08 cycle, tomorrow comes the off-year extravaganza of NJ and VA governor’s races. Sadly for my own mental health, I’m not. Being a political science guy, I would be remiss not to venture a guess as to the results tomorrow. So here goes:

Virginia Gov. Race:  Not hard on this one. O’Donnell (R) has been leading by double digits for a while. He wins handily:  55-42.

NJ Gov. Race:  Too close to call. But I will. On Friday, I was all but certain Corzine (D) was going to win this one, especially since the Dems always find a way to win in the Garden State. However, the weekend has shown a late shift back to his challenger, Doug Christie (R). I predict a late night but a Christie squeaker, 43-42.

A couple other issues in other states:  Hoffman of the Conservative party wins in NY-23 special election and the gay marriage ban loses by a hairs breadth in Maine.

Feel free to agree, disagree, and mock me on Tuesday night if/when these predictions blow up in my face.