“Her Blood Cries Out: Casey Anthony, Caylee, and the Justice of God”

How and why cassettes are about to be cool again

Troy McClure’s 10 greatest moments

What did Margaret Sanger really say about infanticide and abortion?

A collection of awesome comic strip posters that re-tells the entire “Harry Potter” saga

Last week I wrote about iOS game, Tiny Tower and how it was cool, I think? This week Jorge Albor is all, “NOPE.”

Here’s Kill Screen’s stellar coverage of the Supreme Court violent videogames verdict.

This oral history of Michael Bay will make you simultaneously like and dislike Michael Bay even more.

You probably know all about this: 5 Kinds of People Who Take “Apples to Apples” Too Seriously.

J. P. Grant on why he feels super-uncomfortable owning a copy of Modern Warfare.

Last and least, here’s my review of Trenched (XBLA) for Kill Screen– it’s as much about the nature of cooperation as it is about the game itself.
“The Persistent Black-White Employment Gap.”A powerful and challenging article discussing the reality of discrimination in America.

“Take a Stand against Rand.” Aside from the fact that the title of this WORLD Magazine article rhymes, it is also worth reading as a criticism of Ayn Rand.

The Pros & Cons of Consumer Compassion”  A great article from Relevant Magazine on the potential problems with “consumer compassion” (Think TOMS shoes).

Should Movies Be Used as Evangelism Tracts?”  -My response? “No.”


  1. RE The Return of Cassettes. It will never happen. Case in point from the article itself: “Bloggers loved the tracks enough to rip and post them.” They loved the music enough to deliver it from a dead magnetic medium to a salvageable digital format. The tape was not the thing loved. As always, it was the music—the tape just got in the way.

    RE Harry Potter Comics. Entirely worth it even if only for “PORTKEYED.”

    RE Tiny Tower. I suspect that Jorge Albor is not the kind of person who should be playing games. Or at least not F2P gmaes. It’s essential that we know ourselves and where we lack discipline.

  2. That is probably the wisest advice I’ve read today. Unfortunately, I seem to be almost addicts to reading articles. I should really just quit cold turkey.

  3. I may have. Although you don’t hear me complaining about it or the ethics of the game. And whatever my affection for minecraft or any game, I never blame the game for any ill feelings I have regarding my participation in the game. If Mr. Albor wanted to write about how he’s not so much a fan of how he uses his time when playing Farmville-style diversions, that’s fine; but the article he wrote just sounds like projecting. He even forces a reading of the text on the game in order to justify his article. He says, “The goal of the game is to build one’s tower as high as possible.” This is nowhere stated. He created that goal for himself either because that’s the way he approaches these kinds of games or because that fit the article he was preparing. It’s certainly one possible approach to the game but it isn’t the only one. My approach fits, I think, a bit better the developer’s description of the game (though not their monetizing scheme): The goal of Tiny Tower is to have fun with this mechanic until it stops being as fun as something I could do instead. *shrug* Neither goal is explicitly stated by the game, so each one develops out of the individual’s approach to the game. I suspect Mr. Albor’s approach will always lead to regret and self-recrimination whenever he plays these F2P style games.

    p.s. what exactly was I parodying?

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