Seventh-grader Lauren Rojas from Antioch, California wanted to test the effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature for her school science project.

Her plan was to launch a weather balloon into space and record the findings using borrowed flight gear from High Altitude Science and video cameras from GoPro Hero2. But then she gave her project a little zip.

She sent Hello Kitty along for the ride in the most adorable silver space rocket. Check it out:

The stunning imagery captured during Hello Kitty’s space adventure caught my breath. News like this stirs my heart, reminding me that there is wonder and beauty to be found in this world for those who dare to do something new and creative. In the video, Rojas combined her interest in science and her love for Hello Kitty—unexpected partners, to be sure. But the result is something reflective of the heart and mind of this curious young woman. Her work is a delight to many, as the video’s viewing stats attest. And that makes me want to follow her lead, using my interests and passions to bring joy to others too.


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