You’ve heard it said that polite conversation avoids religion and politics. But those aren’t the only subjects that produce awkward conversations. Many small talk topics are actually emotional landmines for tender hearts. Asking women if they have children or sharing about an exotic vacation or complaining about opportunities only available to the elite are just a few topics that can make people uncomfortable. Good conversation develops in being aware that our experiences may be quite different from others. In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss sensitive subjects that arise in everyday conversation and how we can avoid those awkward lulls that can add insult to injury. Being aware that some topics are painful to discuss is the first step as we get to know others. It’s also important for sensitive hearts to extend grace when painful questions are asked or differences of opinion, opportunity, or lifestyle are discussed. Our ability to engage in meaningful conversation rests on a willingness to truly know others and the surprising way their lives unfold differently from our own.

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