We’ve always thought of Christ and Pop Culture as a ministry. For more than five years we’ve been working to create an outlet that models the way Christians ought to think deeply about the world around them, even the seemingly silly and trivial stuff. One of the major motivations for us is love for Christ, for art, for culture, for the church, and for you, the reader.

Christ and Pop Culture started as a podcast; just two dudes discussing whatever came to their mind about the media they were partaking in. Over time, it grew into a blog, and then a full-fledged web magazine. We’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on this project because we believe in it and we believe that it is a valuable way to serve you.

But we want to do more, and better. We want to provide you with even more excellent, insightful articles. We want to offer you more carefully edited features. We want to devote even more of our time to making Christ and Pop Culture something truly great. We have a lot of plans but very little time to carry them out. That’s why we’re hoping some of you can help us, and at the same time we hope to make it worth your while.

Today we’re announcing a new way of reading Christ and Pop Culture: a full-fledged iOS magazine. With this app, which is available in the Apple App Store, you’ll be able to read our magazine on your preferred iOS device: your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. It’s a distinct experience geared toward being read on a static iPad page, much like print.

The Christ and Pop Culture Magazine, published in conjunction with the wonderful people at 29th Street Publishing, is available in the Apple App store right now for free and includes one issue and a weeklong free trial. After that, auto-renewing subscriptions are $2.99 for a month or $29.99 for a year. Each issue comes with six or seven high-quality articles.

Why pay us money when you can get a bunch of CaPC articles for free already? Let us explain:

Exclusive Content

Each issue comes with an incredible assortment of exclusive content. In addition to two exclusive feature articles (exclusive features begin with Issue #3, coming May 14th), edited and prepared from the ground up for the iOS magazine, we’ll also include a Letter from the Editor (featuring insight into the site behind the scenes as well as some personal meditations on the past two week’s material and cultural happenings), and Common Graces (recommendations of media, art and culture we’re really excited about).

Curated Material

We know. You’d like to read everything on our website, but you just don’t have time to keep up! We can help with that. Besides the exclusive content, the work you’ll read on our magazine will be the work we’ve deemed “must-reads” from the last two weeks. These pieces are the ones you won’t want to miss, and we’ll make sure you don’t.

An Ideal Reading Experience

The Christ and Pop Culture Magazine is an elegant, minimalist reading experience that places the focus squarely on the ideas. There are no widgets, no notifications, no comments, no bells and whistles. We want you to be able to read and consider the content rather than be distracted.

The Chance to Support Us

We believe strongly in the important role Christ and Pop Culture fills for the church. We seek to actively and thoughtfully address subjects that others either ignore or treat superficially. Our beliefs are grounded in the authority of Scripture, yet we seek to maintain a thoughtful independence from the knee jerk reactions and uncritical biases that are often prominent within Christian circles. We work hard to maintain strong editorial oversight in order to provide you with the best possible material at all times.

For us, this comes down to the Golden Rule. We want to treat you how we would like to be treated. We merely ask the same in return. If not, that’s okay; there will still be plenty of fantastic CaPC content available on the website. But our bold experiment is to see if the relationship between our website and its readers can be characterized by love and goodwill first and foremost. We love you. This is a way you can show you love us back.

We’re not just offering this to you because it’s in our best interest. The magazine is inexpensive, elegant, and a simple way to directly support an outlet you’ve grown to love. This magazine is for you.

You can subscribe to the Christ and Pop Culture iOS Magazine here, or by searching for us on the app store. 


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