Jack T. Chick’s tracts of fear were a fairly well known product that many churches and Christians used. During his active time as a publisher, Chick published hundreds of different tracts that took on virtually anything that he deemed offensive to his particular brand of Christianity: Christian music, secular music, the Roman Catholic Church, and even the long haul trucker was not immune to his writings and drawings. Amanda Wortham experienced these tracts first hand saw a world that was filled with fear and evil usually in the shape of unkempt men and women wearing shades and questionable hygiene practices. Drew and Tyler chat with Amanda about her article, “Jack Chick’s Vision of the World Was a Fear-Filled Caricature” and how the fear of the world and the drive to conquer it can fuel the church and cause us to miss the simple need that many people want: a friend. It’s a powerful episode and one you should not miss.

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Jack Chick’s Vision of the World Was a Fear-Filled CaricatureChrist and Pop Culture by Amanda Wortham

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