Introducing Christ and Pop Culture Memberships

Christ and Pop Culture Memberships are a unique opportunity for you to become a crucial and invested part of this outlet by directly supporting our work.

For those reluctant to financially support content on the Internet, we’ve provided a number of perks that we think will easily tip the scale in our favor: Creator Spotlight, a rotating bundle of free albums, books, magazines and more from creators we love; a subscription to Christ and Pop Culture Magazine (now readable on the web!), and exclusive articles, podcasts, and wallpapers. (Already subscribed to our magazine via the Apple Newsstand? Email us and we’ll hook you up)

We’ve also provided a number of ways for our fans to become a part of Christ and Pop Culture’s vision: access to a members-only Facebook group where the editors and writers will be actively participating, and a monthly “CAPC Report,” a delightfully droll compendium of goings-on behind the scenes at Christ and Pop Culture.

In addition to our monthly membership, we’re offering an annual, Patron subscription for those readers who are dedicated to Christ and Pop Culture and it’s mission. These true patrons who purchase an annual subscription for $100 will even have the opportunity to “sponsor” a podcast segment, suggesting the topic we discuss therein.

Why Christ and Pop Culture Needs You

Let me clarify some things to help explain the motive behind this announcement:

  • Christ and Pop Culture has never had a surplus of money.

  • The editors of Christ and Pop Culture are not paid.

  • The writers for the Christ and Pop Culture website are not paid.

  • Christ and Pop Culture cannot exist forever under these circumstances.

The reality of Christ and Pop Culture is that our ideas and ambition far outweigh the amount of time we have to accomplish the end goal. In the last few years, Christ and Pop Culture has been operating on borrowed time. With the help of many others, our managing editor, Alan Noble, and I have been dedicating a ridiculous amount of free-time to maintain, expand, and improve this website. We’ve done this because we believe there is a need. For us, Christ and Pop Culture is a ministry to the church, an encouragement to fellow believers to approach every aspect of life and culture with a thoughtful care and appreciation.

We feel strongly that Christ and Pop Culture serves a unique purpose in the evangelical landscape, speaking from an orthodox perspective about subjects that are often overlooked or ignored by other organizations. We believe that engaging these subjects on a popular (not scholarly) level is a crucial need, and that Christ and Pop Culture stands to best meet that need. Alan and I, not to mention our incredible team of associate editors and staff writers, do this because we believe in that mission.

Other people do too, it seems. We’ve received an amazing amount of positive feedback from writers and editors of other outlets, pastors, Christian leaders, scholars, and other professionals. Time and again we hear from you that we provide something valuable that other outlets don’t. But honestly, what most convinces me that we’re onto something is our community of writers that have dedicated a significant portion of their own writing to this outlet, an outlet that can’t really pay them anything. And everyone is happy. You can ask them. They’re constantly affirming the mission and nature of the site in a way that tells me that something substantial is at work here. When it comes to the vision of Christ and Pop Culture, there are plenty of believers.

But that isn’t enough. We need to be sustainable.

In the past, we’ve experimented with different ways to achieve this goal. We’ve spent a lot of time considering and discussing our options. Ultimately, we determined that a website like ours really needs to be supported by our core audience. We don’t have major donors or ministry partners that fund our work. Instead, we’re putting the future of the site primarily in your hands.

We’ve never been more proud of Christ and Pop Culture than we are right now. But when we think about what Christ and Pop Culture can be with some resources behind it, we get even more excited. We have a number of ideas for ways to expand the scope of CAPC in the future, and we’ve never been more invested in serving the church through this ministry. But those things won’t happen without the financial support of others. The reality is that for good work to be sustainable, the workers need to be compensated. We all have our own real-world demands that regularly pull our attention away from Christ and Pop Culture at inopportune times.

Let me be blatantly honest: while we believe wholeheartedly in what we’re doing here, we can’t consistently dedicate this much time and attention to a hobby. We’ve decided that without financial growth and sustainability, Christ and Pop Culture simply cannot continue.

We want Christ and Pop Culture to be something more than a hobby, because in our hearts, it already is. Lord Willing, that’s the future of Christ and Pop Culture. In a very real sense, that future is in your hands.

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  1. I’m trying to become a member because I believe in what you’re doing here, but it keeps saying my email isn’t valid. If it’s so difficult to actually join, I predict this isn’t going to work very well! :) Perhaps someone could figure it out and email me. Thanks!

  2. Linda, thanks so much for your (attempted) support! If you’ll email me at with the exact steps you took that led to that error, I’ll do my best to help you out! We had a few ppl try it before launch who didn’t have that problem, but obviously we’re dealing with a larger user base at this point.

  3. What about those of us who subscribe to the magazine through Newstand? This is something separate correct?

    1. Michael! Thanks so much for your early support. Send me an email and I’ll hook you up.

  4. Tried to email you twice, but I keep getting this message. “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient’s email address for typos or unnecessary spaces.” Wow! It’s just not my day!

  5. Tried it using Google Chrome and it worked perfectly! Thanks for your help anyway! :)

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  7. You guys should put a permanent link to this article on your “MISSION AND HISTORY”.

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