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As a member of Christ and Pop Culture, you’ll be the backbone of the operation. Going forward, we’re looking at membership as our primary means of sustainability. You’ll be supporting a website that helps you and the church think biblically and critically about the world around them. You’ll be supporting thoughtful, nuanced perspectives about controversial issues. You’ll be providing for cultural appreciation that strives to see God’s grace wherever it may be. Christ and Pop Culture’s goal is to provide consistently relevant, necessary, and challenging content committed to exploring cultural touch-points and difficult questions.

Read more about How Christ and Pop Culture is an Important Ministry.

Christ and Pop Culture Member Offerings

Check out what we’re offering this month! We’re making available several offerings from creators we love and admire. Each month, the bundle is updated with one or two new offerings. We’ll feature ebooks, journals, albums, digital magazines, comics, and more. You’ll enjoy full-fledged works that represent a body of a creator’s work that we appreciate.

Christ and Pop Culture Magazine

Membership includes a subscription to both the iOS and web-only edition of Christ and Pop Culture Magazine!

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  • Articles Members can read all CAPC Magazine Volume 1 exclusive features here on the web.
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A Members Only Community and a Direct Line to the CAPC Editors

One of the things our writers love most about writing for Christ and Pop Culture is the writers-only forum where a number of like-minded people got together to discuss recent events. Discussions are lively, often heated, but always civil. In fact, the variety of perspectives in our writers group has a lot to do with why CAPC is what it is.

Now we’re offering a place for the entire Christ and Pop Culture community: editors, writers, and members, all in one space, hashing out their thoughts. It’s made up entirely of people who love Christ and Pop Culture and want to support it.

Members of CAPC will be added to an exclusive CAPC Members Only Facebook group. Feel free to use this space to talk to editors about CAPC, to discuss a movie you saw recently, to discuss the latest episode of Mad Men, or to discuss recent Christ and Pop Culture pieces.

And More! (Seriously)

We’re going to be working hard over time to increase the value of being a Christ and Pop Culture member. As Christ and Pop Culture grows, the membership offerings grow!