Christ and Pop Culture exists to acknowledge, appreciate, and think rightly about the common knowledge of our age.

Our mission is to edify the Church, glorify God, and witness to the world by encouraging and modeling a biblical presence within culture that is characterized by nuance and appreciation while resisting the extremes of thoughtless condemnation and uncritical embrace. We stand on the gospel and exist for the Church.

Who Are We?

Christ and Pop Culture is an online magazine that addresses important issues and topics in popular culture through long-form featured articles, challenging and timely posts, conversational podcasts, and a thriving online community.

We define pop culture broadly to include general contemporary culture, since technology has popularized nearly all notable aspects of culture. In addition to heavy coverage of the traditional mediums of cultural entertainment (TV, music, film, etc.), we also cover general trends, such as discourse in the media and on the internet, sex, gender, and local communities.

Our aim is to produce cultural criticism and commentary at a high level, while retaining our distinctly Christian perspective.

Why Do We Exist?

A major part of our mission is seeking to make Christians more aware of the culture that they already participate in, more conscious of the gravity of their cultural preferences, and more sensitive to the effects of our cultural assumptions.

Because we believe that the rhetoric and tone of our public discourse are often as formative as the content of our words, we place a high priority upon articles which model how to have edifying and loving conversations about issues that matter. We seek to encourage both thoughtful and charitable participation in culture.

Our desire is to offer thoughtful, high-quality, approachable cultural criticism that interests those inside and outside of evangelicalism. 

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What Are Our Distinctives?

  • A commitment to orthodox Christianity
  • A commitment to ministering to lay people regardless of class or education
  • An emphasis upon nuance and charity in our cultural criticism
  • A willingness to charitably exhort and reprove the Church on cultural issues without resorting to combativeness or cynicism
  • High editorial standards
  • Heavy investment in experienced and/or well-trained writers
  • Unique and challenging perspectives on cultural issues
  • Careful engagement with culture that encourages discernment rather than ignoring hard ethical questions or relying on extra-biblical laws

How Can I Help?

If you appreciate our mission and ministry, consider becoming a member of Christ and Pop Culture. (Read more about why we offer memberships.)