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Following The Killers Down Glory Road

Leave it to a band from the city of bright lights and long odds to show us how to live out our points along history’s timeline.

The Long Obedience of Sunderland A.F.C.

Throughout Sunderland’ Til I Die, the club burns through new coaches, players, and strategies attempting easy tweaks and quick fixes. But there is no single problem keeping them from winning.

Battlestar Galactica: A Retrospective Look at a “Jewish” Tale of Orientation, Disorientation, and Reorientation

But what the writers knew that the viewers did not is that history—as Battlestar understood it—was neither linear nor cyclical. Quite surprisingly, and to the consternation of more than a few, it was Jewish.

Superman Subverted: How Superman & Lois Reinvents the Man of Steel

Superman & Lois is interested in giving us a Superman who has gone through the ups and downs of human experience

How Wynd Rises Toward Renewal

At its heart, Wynd is about our own search for renewal and who we become through the journey.

How Not to Die: Listening to Trees as Old as Jesus

In both the Word and the world—in spirit and in body—trees sustain us with a grace we don’t deserve.

WandaVision Recap: Wanda All Along (Episode 9)

Agatha asked Wanda, “Do you think maybe this is what you deserve?” That’s the question that poisons all our hearts.

Persuasion 213 | Survival Instinct

What can the rule of adaptation teach us about each other? Erin and Hannah continue their Finding Common Ground series with a discussion about our shared survival instinct.

The Lurid Profanity of Blasphemous

Blasphemous reminds us that we too often reduce our mysterious God to a player on both sides of a cosmic chess game.

Seeing and Believing 282 | Chad Hartigan’s Little Fish + Interview with Becoming Alien‘s Sarah Welch-Larson

Wade & Kevin review Chad Hartigan’s “Little Things” about a memory killing disease. Sarah Welch-Larson also talks about her book about “Alien”

Black History Month Roundup, 2021

These contributions are birthed from joy and lament, celebration and sadness, commemoration of the past and considerations of what can be in the future.

We Never Quite Figured out What “Political Correctness” Is, but We’re Still All Pretty Sure It’s a Bad Thing

By the late eighties, though, the American right had discovered political correctness, and—well—that crowd has never met a phrase it couldn’t turn into an insult.

WandaVision Recap: Therapist Says What? (Episode 8)

Agatha takes Wanda to therapy, and the show essentially takes its viewers to therapy, as well.

Persuasion 212 BONUS | Interview with Sarah Pabody

Listen to Hannah’s full interview with Sarah Pabody in this special members-only bonus episode!

Persuasion 212 | Garden Variety, with Sarah Pabody

Erin and Hannah explore our shared desire to find meaning through our work and in life, and Sarah Pabody stops in to share the lessons she’s learned growing flowers at Triple Wren Farms.

Seeing and Believing 281 | Shaka King’s Judas and the Black Messiah

Seeing & Believing closes out Black History Month with a review of Shaka King’s “Judas and the Black Messiah”.