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How We Behaved When COVID-19 Robbed Our Culture of Sports

In this way, the COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us that close-knit, human-to-human and face-to-face communal gatherings—the kind we enjoy with sports—still matter.

This Lent, Let’s Fast from Toilet Paper (No, For Real)

Let’s give generously to the ones who need it and the ones who are helping. And maybe, I dunno, put that giant pack of Quilted Northern back on the rack.

Persuasion 188 | Family Ties, with Aundi Kolber

Erin and Hannah invite Aundi Kolber to discuss the way family ties affect our experience of home, both in childhood and as we seek to establish our own homes as adults.

Seeing and Believing 239 | Dan Scanlon’s Onward and Autumn de Wilde’s Emma

The guys explore more family-friendly realms in this week’s episode with Pixar’s Onward and Autumn de Wilde’s take on Jane Austen’s airy Emma.

Fleabag Offers Hope for Those of Us Who Seem to Get Everything Wrong

Through love, we weather the worst of our decisions and become more human. 

Persuasion 187 | Home + Work, with Rachel Anderson

Too often, home bows to the almighty dollar and the pursuit of the American Dream. Erin and Hannah discuss and invite Rachel Anderson to share a family policy perspective.

Sacred Endurance by Trillia Newbell, Free for CAPC Members

Newbell has the practical life experience and theological foundation to unpack what it means to run a race with endurance, and why the Bible so frequently utilizes this metaphor. 

Persuasion 186 BONUS | Interview with Laura Fabrycky

Listen to Hannah’s full interview with Laura Fabrycky in this special members-only bonus episode!

#middlegrademarch, Reading Challenges, and Our Superabundance of Choice

A reading challenge can be just the pause we need to stop and consider which books in our collections contain truth and goodness—which are told in a beautiful way.

After 25 Years, Jimmy Eat World Isn’t Just Surviving

In their newer albums, Jimmy Eat World shows that the good stuff lies just beneath the soil of the stories we tell ourselves.

Double Vision: Greta Gerwig’s Little Women Shows Us the Goodness of Different Ways of Life

Gerwig’s recent adaptation of Little Women echoes the Bible’s ability to hold within its pages quite a variety of ideas on marriage and singleness.

Why Truth-Loving Christians Still Have a B.S. Problem (and What We Can Do about It)

We need to learn how to cut through the B.S. and un-deceive ourselves daily to gain a clearer vision of both God and the world.

Pet Rocks Were Actually a Thing, and Were Almost Political in How Apolitical They Were

Dahl wasn’t selling people rocks—not really—he was selling them a joke.

Manifesto: Mad Comedian Liberation Front or It Sure Does Take a Lot to Laugh

Chappelle’s best comedy holds, as it were, a fun-house mirror up to our nature.

The Costly Redemption of BoJack Horseman

We ask ourselves what we might need to do to seek reconciliation with those we have hurt, and we don’t like the answers we find.

Seeing and Believing 238 | Celine Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Dee Rees’s The Last Thing He Wanted

Two women filmmakers are highlighted on the show this week! Celine Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Dee Rees’ The Last Thing He Wanted.