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Nothing but the Truth: The Enduring Appeal of Loretta Lynn

Instinctively, Loretta Lynn seemed to sense that music goes even deeper than hopes and dreams and ideals.

Seeing and Believing 352 | Amsterdam & The Long Goodbye

Whodunnit? And are these movies any good? Kevin and Sarah investigate David O. Russell’s “Amsterdam”, and Robert Altman’s “The Long Goodbye.”

The Scandal of Reading 2 | Andrew Peterson on The Book of the Dun Cow

Andrew Peterson joins to talk about the themes of creation care in Walter Wangerin, Jr.’s The Book of the Dun Cow.

Burned by Our Heroes: From Game of Thrones to Christian Leaders

It’s easy to sneer at celebrity pastors who traded key moral convictions for political power, but it’s hard to watch those we love do the same.

The Business of Football vs. The Business of Compassion

We’re not talking about avatars or fictitious characters created solely for our entertainment.

Call for Features: Consumerism and Materialism

We’re currently looking for feature articles to fit the themes of consumerism and materialism.

Casting Out Devils from D&D

D&D gives you practice in being a good neighbor.

Seeing and Believing 351 | The Woman King & Zero Dark Thirty

It’s War Movie Week on the podcast with The Woman King, and then Kathryn Bigelow’s controversial 2012 movie Zero Dark Thirty.

Predator Turns 35: A Look Back at Sci-Fi’s Most Subversive Creature Feature

The franchise offers a strange meditation on modern conceptions of masculinity, and how those have evolved in the past thirty-five years.

The Office as Purgatory

The show’s creators eventually begin to portray The Office as purgatory rather than hell.

Star Wars: Andor ‌‌Recap:‌ Against the Wall (Season 1, Episodes 1-3)

This isn’t your father’s Star Wars, and it’s not your six-year-old’s either.

Seeing and Believing 350 | Don’t Worry Darling & The Last of the Mohicans

Kevin and Sarah take on two historical dramas this week: Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling, and Michael Mann’s The Last of the Mohicans.

The Chiefs and the Chargers Reveal the Value of Perseverance

Perseverance and practice are both necessary to find a way to compete—let alone excel—at the highest levels of competition.

How Partisan Politics Interferes with Our Moviegoing Discernment

If we don’t cultivate careful discernment, our political biases may lead to confusion, anger, and even a rejection of what we see and hear.

The Scandal of Reading 1 | An Introduction

Professor Jessica Hooten Wilson is joined by Claude Atcho and Austin Carty to discuss reading and thinking about great fiction.

Seeing and Believing 349 | The Silent Twins & The Savages

Sarah and Kevin dive into the new biopic The Silent Twins. For the Watchlist segment, Kevin introduces Sarah to The Savages.