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LOL Interwebz: Don’t Tell Anyone, but My Password is “P@ssw0rd”

Maybe poetry sounds like a weird approach to computer passwords, but it’s a solution that’s part of a long and storied human tradition.

The CAPC Digest Episode 32: Trump and Money with S.D. Kelly

Drew is joined by new co-host Tyler and guest S.D. Kelly about her article on Donal Drumpf and the infatuation with some Christians over the Presidential candidate.

Street Performers, Beauty, and Paying Attention

The power of street art grabs you when you don’t expect it and forces you to pay attention, which can lead to an appreciation of beauty everywhere.

Sympathetic Horror and the Undead Past in ‘Crimson Peak’

‘Crimson Peak’ features clear heroes and villains in its cast of characters, but the film’s true antagonist, which bedevils hero and villain alike, is the lurking past with its manifold sins.

The Wonder of God’s Image Bearers

Both male and female creatures are necessary to represent God’s glory.

Persuasion Episode 35: Selling Our Souls for School Fundraisers

Erin & Hannah let loose their foul language filters when it comes to school fundraisers of

Not Every Man Really Lives: The 20-Year Impact of ‘Braveheart’

‘Braveheart’ is more than just a great story well-told. It gives a framework for manhood that stands the test of time.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 75: “Made in America” and the Soul of “Watch the Throne”

Sam & Cray return to “Watch the Throne” and attempt to analyze Jay Z and Kanye’s motivations behind the revelations of wealth found in their albums.

Seeing and Believing Episode 35: ‘Crimson Peak’ & Christians and Horror Films

Panel Discussion: Living Like There’s No Tomorrow With ‘Ms. Marvel’

Far too often, we live as if the end isn’t coming, as if there isn’t a final judgment or last day to be reconciled with.

Prosperity Empire: Donald Trump’s Alliance with the Health and Wealth Gospel

Prosperity theology has a logical connection with a candidate like Trump, who is also rooted in a mutual obsession with personal exceptionalism, a lack of spiritual discernment, and a pragmatic approach to life’s problems.

The CAPC Digest #31: Spawn of the Dark Father

Drew and his new co-host, Tyler Burns, host Paul Miller in taking about Star Wars, Christian fanfic and Greek Tragedy.

LOL Interwebz: The Legend of the Ungreasy Smartphone

A new world is dawning, friends. A new world of ungreasy cell phones and impervious echo chambers

Playboy Magazine: Less Nudity but Still the Same Porn

Playboy is still in the business of peddling pornography, even if less nudity is involved.

Cool Takes: Back for More Gilmore

The revival of ‘Gilmore Girls’ marks an imminent return to Stars Hollow and a nostalgic celebration of insignificant problems.

Revelations of Suffering in ‘Final Fantasy X’ and Shusaku Endo’s ‘Silence’

Violence, death, and loss are common themes in Final Fantasy games but none of them make suffering central in quite the same way as Final Fantasy X.