It’s true, sarcasm is good for the soul, especially when we are frustrated. The past year or so, we’ve had plenty to be frustrated about. The world isn’t what we’d like it to be. In this environment, frustrations easily turn to hopelessness or anger. How are people of faith to deal with these emotions? Some will try to gloss them over by turning their frowns upside-down. Others will will try to mask them with denial or criticism. But author Anne Kennedy recommends another way: sarcasm. In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson invite Anne to discuss her recent devotional release, titled Nailed It! 365 Sarcastic Devotions for Angry or Worn-Out People. Not only does Anne find sarcasm to be helpful for Christians, she also sees it used by God Himself in Scripture. Humor is an important response to the brokenness we encounter, standing in stark contrast to the overly saccharine Christianity that is more popular today. For all the challenges the world faces today, we need a way to diffuse with the tension; Anne believes sarcasm offers a profoundly effective alternative. As 2017 begins, this devotional is seriously witty, with wry humor that cuts deep in ways readers didn’t even know were needed. Anne has a distinct way of asking the questions are hearts have been raging about but haven’t been able to voice yet.

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Nailed It! 365 Sarcastic Devotions for Angry or Worn-Out People, by Anne Kennedy

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