This guy says Piper Ruined Twitter.


  1. Poor guy doesn’t realize that it was people who ruined Twitter. I suppose Piper counts as a people though, so I give him half marks on this one.

  2. I am the author of the post about Piper and Twitter.

    For Dane, yea, I realized it was others who ruined Twitter. Not Piper. The title was supposed to be sarcastic / tongue in cheek. It appears the sarcasm got lost on about half of the people who commented. What can I say? It’s the Internet.

    In reality, I appreciate of Piper as well as a lover of the Gospel. I want to see it spread EVERYWHERE possible. I am just surprised at the amount of people who “fake it” on Twitter. It is as though people have been taken over by aliens who control them instead of by the Holy Spirit.

  3. Oh I got the sarcasm, so I responded with my own. Where your point was that people, in seeking too hard to emulate Piper, have rendered Twitter (as you experience it) a wasteland of trite self-righteousness, my point was that people, in being Twitter users, have rendered Twitter (as I experience) a wasteland. Period.

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