So what did you think of V? Another cheesy sci-fi show, or the next Lost?


  1. It’s no LOST for sure. Gave away far too much in the first episode if it were aspiring to that level of television genius.

    I wasn’t blown away, but I’ll keep watching. Introduced some interesting themes that might be fun to follow: truth in media, trust (in general), faith in times of crisis (possibly). I’ll give it a few more episodes to set the hook.

  2. That’s where I am at Kevin. Nothing mind blowing, but could possibly develop into something interesting. Only time will tell.

  3. Gave away way too much in the first episode for me. It almost felt like I found out all this stuff but hadn’t “earned” it. But it may be that the mystery angle is not what they are aiming at. I didn’t see the original series. Too soon to tell.

  4. I don’t know anything about this revisitation and haven’t seen it or any ads for it, but since we already know the big secret of the first series was that those people are lizards in people skin, if there is a secret in the new one, it’ll have to be something else.

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