The Moviegoer: Hobbitses, Les Misérables, and Grace Notes Not Quite in Harmony

Grace Notes: Cheap Music from Amazon (November 2012)

This time around, we’ll be looking at alterna-pop legends, the greatest post-punk band of all time, and the return of post-rock’s mightiest.

Grace Notes: Cheap Music from Amazon (September 2012 Edition)

Marvin Gaye, OutKast, and Sugar are just a few of the really solid releases on sale this month at Amazon.

Grace Notes: The Haunted World of David Eugene Edwards

David Eugene Edwards is arguably one of the most unique artists in Christendom.

Grace Notes: Cheap Music from Amazon (July 2012 Edition)

Depeche Mode, Arcade Fire, and M83 are just a few of the really solid releases on sale this month at Amazon MP3.

Grace Notes: Music to Help You Survive the Summer

Four albums that will help you make it through this oppressively hot summer.

Grace Notes: Mono, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Damien Jurado

Japan’s Mono brings the post-apocalyptic noise; Brother Sun, Sister Moon wraps you in nostalgia; and Damien Jurado’s trademark folk gets a shot of psychedelia.

Grace Notes: Paul Buchanan and The Blue Nile

The Blue Nile have developed a loyal following precisely because they are as un-rock n’ roll as you can get.

Grace Notes: M83, Infinity Shred

M83’s super-powered kids reunite, Infinity Shred ventures into deep space.

Grace Notes: 8-bit Radiohead, Cam Butler, Richard Hawley

Radiohead gets chiptuned, Cam Butler crafts soundtracks for mental movies, and Richard Hawley gets unabashedly romantic.

Grace Notes: My Bloody Valentine

“Few bands can claim to have altered the musical landscape, much less charted out an entirely new landscape.”

Grace Notes: The Beastie Boys

The death of Adam “MCA” Yauch represents the end of an era in hip-hop and popular music.

Grace Notes (Bandcamp Edition): Chalk Dinosaur, Lowtide, Garbage Man

“For this edition of ‘Grace Notes’, I’m going to focus on a few gems that, if it weren’t for Bandcamp, I never would’ve heard.”

Grace Notes: Lifeformed, C-jeff

“One of my favorite musical ‘genres’ in recent months has been video game soundtracks.”

Grace Notes: Ronnie & Jason Martin, the hardest working men in Christian music

“They’ve created two of the most singular and recognizable aesthetics in independent music, Christian or otherwise.”

Grace Notes: Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, The Trees Community, Passafist

“This time, I’m digging even deeper and spotlighting some rather obscure Christian artists that hold unique places in the history of Christian music.”