Grace Notes: Lifesavers Underground, Mortal, Scaterd Few

A trip down Christian music Nostalgia Lane, featuring Lifesavers Underground, Mortal, and The Scaterd Few.

Grace Notes: Slowdive

“Most of us could probably think of a band that meets any ‘favorite band’ criteria. For me, that band is Slowdive.”

Grace Notes: Dead Can Dance, The Mary Onettes, Saint Etienne

Dead Can Dance come back from the dead, The Mary Onettes adjust their 80’s sound, and Saint Etienne just want you to dance.

Grace Notes: Minecraft

C418’s soundtrack paints a picture of an intriguing and wonder-filled environment.

Grace Notes: Talk Talk, HTRK, A Light Goes On

Talk Talk’s influence has lived on and only grown stronger, even two decades after their break-up.

Grace Notes: Gavin Bryars, A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Variations of “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet”.

Grace Notes: Kate Bush’s “50 Words For Snow”

Kate Bush’s latest may be pretentious at times, but it’s also otherworldly, delightful, and constantly arresting.

Grace Notes: The Cocteau Twins, Hood, Thomas Köner

An assortment of albums to help you enter fully into a wintry state of mind.

Grace Notes: M83, Sam Billen

M83’s extravagance will blow you away and Sam Billen needs your help to spread some holiday cheer.

Grace Notes: Emil Klotzsch, Youth Lagoon

Emil Klotzsch explores the Scottish Highlands and Youth Lagoon’s video would make Terrence Malick proud.

Grace Notes: The Prayer Chain, Teen Daze

The Prayer Chain reissues a long-lost recording and Teen Daze explores a silent planet.

Grace Notes: Jay Tholen, Mount Eerie

Jay Tholen offers more Gospel chiptune and Mount Eerie contemplates mankind’s fragile existence.

Grace Notes: Wild Beasts, Balam Acab

Wild Beasts explores the good and bad sides of love and sensuality; Balam Acab crafts eerily beautiful slices of electronica.

Grace Notes: Jay Tholen, Either/Orwell

Jay Tholen’s music is bizarre, worshipful… and unlike anything else you’ve likely heard emerge from Christian circles.

Grace Notes: Sam Billen, Talik

Sam Billen crafts quirky-yet-affecting indie/electronic pop and Talik’s beat-laced atmospherica is perfect for lazy summer evenings.

Grace Notes: Gang Gang Dance, M83

Gang Gang Dance melts your brain while M83 gets epic with the saxophone.