The 25 Episode 31: 13th, Atlanta, and Downton Abbey

This week’s episode of the CaPC 25 finds Ava Dvernay’s “13th”, Julian Fellowes’ “Downton Abbey”, and Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” at the table vying for a spot on the CaPC 25 for 2016.

‘Downton Abbey’ and the Weight of History

‘Downton Abbey’ succeeds by reminding us of the human face of history.

The One-Dimensional Humanity of ‘Downton Abbey’

When a story is told the way it is on ‘Downton Abbey,’ told in such a way that the only option for viewers is to condescend to its characters, then the storytelling has failed.

The Kiddy Pool: Feelings and Truth in Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey: Who Do You Love?

‘Downton Abbey’s’ relationships mirror our own sincere desires to be with people who we truly and deeply love.

Downton Abbey: People Talk

Downton Abbey shows the ways in which our careful and sensitive use of our words can benefit others, and, ultimately, be used in service to the body of Christ, the Word.

Downton Abbey: Guilt, Shame, and the Fear of Confession

I often wonder what produces honesty in sharing our guilt and bracing ourselves for potential shame finally to take place.

Downton Abbey: Means to an End?

‘Downton Abbey’ raises the significant question of whether we ought to treat people as means or as ends in and of themselves.

Downton Abbey: All In the Family

Even though the characters of Downton Abbey are fictional, they depict very real human emotions, situational responses, and family dynamics.

Downton Abbey: Bring the Light

Downton Abbey: Things We’ve Lost

Downton Abbey: A Job Well Done

“To me, one of the most compelling themes throughout the series’ four-year run has always been its examination of the significance of human work, and that theme plays out prominently in the season premiere.”

How We Can Learn From Downton Abbey’s Gay Character

A Downton Abbey Valentine: What to Make of Marriage in Season Three

The Kiddy Pool: Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and the Oldest Profession

Both of these depictions are fictional but historically accurate, and they raise disturbing questions about parenthood in the present.

Gracious Servanthood in Downton Abbey