Citizenship Confusion: Ebola and the Faithful Witness of Writebol and Brantly

Citizenship Confusion: Valedictorian Prays but Should Christians Rejoice?

“When prayer is reduced to a political protest in order to defend our right to pray to God in public, is it truly worth fighting for?”

Citizenship Confusion: Instead of Cutting Aid, Let’s Increase It

“We need to be known for our passion for caring for the poor and needy rather than our hatred of the State caring for them.”

Citizenship Confusion: When WORLD Mag Promotes a Radical Anti-Muslim Advocate

Citizenship Confusion: The Boston Bombers Tell Us Why They Did It

The principle of zero-sum culpability does not accurately reflect our lives.

Citizenship Confusion: Why I Support Internet Sales Tax, as a Christian

“If Christians believe that our governing authorities are appointed by God, and that we ought to submit to them, then we must advocate for laws which make that possible.”

Citizenship Confusion: Do We Need the Word of God on Our Guns?

Citizenship Confusion: Penetrating the Electronic Buzz of the 21st Century for Evangelism

Citizenship Confusion: Billy Graham and Speaking of a Mormon President

“I worry that if he gets elected, some Christians will view him as a representative of our faith, which may manifest in the way we talk about him, pray for him, support him, and even the way we conceive of Mormonism.”

Citizenship Confusion: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric and Christian Political Institutions

“The increasing adoption of anti-Muslim political rhetoric by flagship Christian political institutions is one significant problem with the role of faith (Christian and Muslim) in American politics today.”

Citizenship Confusion: My Prodigal Grandmother

In loving, gratuitous memory of Arline Noble, March 28th, 1920 to September 18th, 2012.

The Citizenship Confusion’s Voter’s Guide to the Internets

“Not a guide on how to vote, but how to be a voter online–wherein you will find short statements and articles which (I hope) will help you think through how to be a discerning, charitable, politicly engaged Christian online.”

Citizenship Confusion: Americanism–The Great Modern Heresy

“Americanism, the great heresy of our country, must be challenged by a teaching of the Word that helps believers to not confuse their earthly citizenship for their heavenly one.”

Citizenship Confusion: Humble Yourselves and Repent and God may–or may not–Heal Our Land

The misuse of 2 Chronicles 7:14 by influential Christian organizations encourages the worst sort of Christian political rhetoric.

Citizenship Confusion: How the Culture Wars Lost Me, Or, The Family Research Council Appoints Gen. Jerry Boykin Ex. VP

“The appointment of Gen. Boykin by FRC reminds us that deceptive, radical, conspiratorial politics does not just happen at the fringe.”

Citizenship Confusion: Meriting Our Daily Bread

“The money I receive as payment for work is a blessing from God, an act of grace, not of my merit.”