Holy Relics: Super 3D Noah’s Ark

It has now been twenty years since Wisdom Tree released Super 3D Noah’s Ark, and we still have not had our reckoning with its subversive and singular vision.

Holy Relics: The Wooden Pulpit

Each of these pulpits hides its true purpose, which is to bear the weight of the universe upon a slanted shelf.

Holy Relics: A Brand Parody T-Shirt

Does a bait-and-switch involving a commercial brand and Jesus Christ fall within the category of a lesser moral duty suspended for the sake of a higher one, or is something other than a moral act going on?

Holy Relics: A Church Softball League Softball

He longs for the grace he knew those years ago when he could run and not grow tired.

Holy Relics: A Box of Tissues

Many others have availed themselves of those super-absorbent and inconsistently lotioned sheets over the years.

Holy Relics: A Connection Card

In those days a decree went out from the Senior Pastor that all the newcomers should be registered.

Holy Relics: An Ichthus Car Sticker

The brazen minivan driver who flaunts his plastic ichthus does so without the specter of his own dismemberment looming in his mind.

Holy Relics: A Plastic Communion Cup

Cheap and disposable, they end up ribbing the outsides of full trash bags the Monday after communion Sunday.

Holy Relics: A Plan of Salvation Bead Bracelet

Christ the Word is hidden in these plastic rings, his work parceled into color-coded units and translated into a wordless language.

Holy Relics: The Church Pew

Our ecclesiology is written into the church pew.

Holy Relics: A Youth Group Lock-In Flashlight

Where were you when the youth pastor announced the lock-in,

and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

Holy Relics: Christian Email Sign-Offs

Part of identifying with a faith such as ours is an acceptance of the idiom, of all the community’s idiosyncratic terms and symbols.

Holy Relics: The Christian Flag

If one’s eyes go crosswise during a lengthy sermon, it’s not unlikely that the Christian and American flags set next to one another will bleed together into a red, white, and blue smudge.

Holy Relics: The Offering Plate

Each dollar in the plate is a gesture at bringing the logic of capital under another logic entirely, one that upends power and wealth and presumes to make the last first.

Holy Relics: Church Basement Coffee

“What is this mystical drink, this gift of God to the people of God?”

Holy Relics: A Christian Stand-Up Comedy Special

“Some say “I follow Peter,” and others say “I follow Apollos.” Well, here are a few guys whose hearts are sold out for comedy alone. Soli commedia gloria.”