Computer Brains, Mind Trips, and the Ugliness of Myopia

We see what we want to see. The only obvious exception in recent memory is the family members of the shooter’s victims, who stood up at his preliminary court hearing and publicly forgave him.

LOL Interwebz: The Doom That Came to ‘The Doom That Came to Atlantic City’

In Lovecraft’s world, evil is external, overwhelming, and no responsibility of ours to control; the reality is that most of us stumble into evil one innocent step at a time.

LOL Interwebz: I’d Think of a Title for This, but I’m a Lazy and Entitled Snake Person

All the talk of Lazy, Entitled Millennials was old and stale before it even started happening, since it was nothing more than the latest in a decades-long parade of “kids-these-days”-themed think pieces.

LOL Interwebz: God Money Don’t Want Everything, He Wants It All

God commands us to rest. It’s not just good advice or a rule of thumb; its a command.

LOL Interwebz: To Err Is Humean

To say something is a “downer” is to say we wish it was otherwise; but how am I able to imagine a world without evil when a world full of evil is all I’ve ever known?

LOL Interwebz: Eight Princess Movie Ideas I Will Gladly Sell to Disney for a Million Dollars Each

It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to be not-embarrassingly-neocolonial, and it doesn’t even have to be especially marketable; you just put the word “Princess” in the title, and the marketing takes care of itself!

LOL Interwebz: Some Rando Harasses Celebrity

Jesus asks that you love your neighbor as yourself. Yes, even if said neighbor is [liberal/conservative].


The jokes aren’t the point, and neither are the lies; something is satire if it’s being used to criticize stupidity or vices.

LOL Interwebz: When I Became a Man, I Put Dark and Gritty Things Behind Me

What is interesting is how swiftly fanboys turned from demanding everything darker and grittier in the not-terribly-distant days of ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Watchmen’ and even ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ to ridiculing dark’n’gritty right out of the gate.

LOL Interwebz: An Immodest Promposal

Big, elaborate marriage proposals attempt to make a spectacle of something that is, in reality, a very ordinary thing.

LOL Interwebz: Putin the Memes Away

“Freedom of speech,” at least insofar as it applies to viral Internet content, by nature privileges the rights of a cruel, capricious mob over the rights of a private individual.

LOL Interwebz: An Imprecatory Psalm for Nickelback

For I was envious of the marginally talented when I saw the prosperity of the Nickelback.

LOL Interwebz: I Spent $10 to Tap the Lucky Cactus, Which Is, Unfortunately, Not a Euphemism

I now see that superstition was never a serious threat to my faith, any more than fear of superstition was.

LOL Interwebz: Guns Don’t Grill Bacon. People Grill Bacon.

What does it mean that a video described—albeit with some irony—as “maybe the most American video ever” is essentially a double-barreled death-celebration?

LOL Interwebz: “Knock-Knock Jokes Are My Spirit Animal,” Said No One Ever

That’s why it’s so easy to get annoyed with the Internet—it keeps those traces around, giving the impression that dumb jokes are a new thing.

LOL Interwebz: Say ‘Meh’ to #TheDress

All of our day-to-day interactions are based on the shared assumption that we’re all experiencing the same reality.