Panel Discussion: ‘Secret Wars’ and the Power of Confession

The decades-long struggle between Richards and Doom is a picture of our struggle with God.

Panel Discussion: ‘The Vision’ and the Danger of Chasing Our Dreams

Tom King is giving us, through The Vision’s storyline, an opportunity to consider how the pursuit of our dreams could result in the destruction of our deepest values and convictions.

Panel Discussion: ‘Captain America’ and Overcoming the Reality of Regret

Can we live a life for the sake of Christ and the kingdom of God without carrying any regrets about the consequences down the road?

Panel Discussion: ‘Batman’ and the Need for a Real Savior

We’d like to think we can save ourselves and our society. But we can’t.

Panel Discussion: Leaving the Past Behind with ‘The Silver Surfer’

The pursuit of holiness in our everyday lives is thwarted because we identify ourselves by our sins.

Panel Discussion: The Simple Goodness of ‘Huck’ Is a Welcome Relief in Superhero Comics

The lightheartedness in a comic book tells us of the more complete and lasting lifting of our burdens when Christ comes again and makes all things new.

Panel Discussion: ‘Green Lantern’ and the Freedom of God

I believe that the only hope and light for our broken and hurting world is the God who does whatever he wants.

Panel Discussion: ‘Sinestro’ and the Wrong Kind of Fear

Fear, when it is ultimate in life, clouds and covers every joy and delight in the world, even peace itself.

Panel Discussion: Living Like There’s No Tomorrow With ‘Ms. Marvel’

Far too often, we live as if the end isn’t coming, as if there isn’t a final judgment or last day to be reconciled with.

Panel Discussion: Captain America and the Gospel’s Political Perils

So what is Captain America’s crime in the eyes of the political pundits? His sin seems to be caring about people.

Panel Discussion: The Futility of Balance With ‘Doctor Strange’

Perhaps Doctor Strange shows us just where the notion of keeping everything in balance is a sinister cultural flaw.

Panel Discussion: Comic Books as Modern Mythology

The comics of today are American versions of Greek mythology complete with origin, philosophy, psychology, and religion.