Play in Process: Why ‘Curiosity’ is the iPhone’s New False Religion

“It’s not merely a cruel and mocking simulacra of videogames themselves, but a kind of false religion.”

Play in Process: ‘Tokyo Jungle’ is the Ultimate Game About the Rapture

Play in Process: If Games Can Kill

“It seems increasingly clear: for the most part, videogames aren’t a way to relax. They are, in fact, taxing. Just as someone can work too hard, someone can play too hard.”

Play in Process: A Facebook Game about Jesus Made Me Look Like a Silly Christian

“This Christian Facebook game has become a kind of series of bumper stickers, automatically slapped on the back of your car anytime you do anything remotely noteworthy.”

Play in Process: Is Ms. Splosion Man Sexist?

“No one leaves Ms. Splosion Man assuming that women must really like shoes – they leave thinking that such an assumption is hilarious.”

Play in Process: This Tiny Tower of Mine

“It really is just a constant grind. But what a delightful grind it is!”

Play in Process: Kinect and Self Image

“Most Kinect games force you to play in a vacuum, with only yourself on the screen. There is a name for this: navel gazing.”

Play in Process: 1000 Heroz

“The game has the potential to be truly interesting going forward.”

Play in Process: The Art of Betrayal in Shadows Over Camelot

“I have to make the following case: I’m not a traitor, I’m just stupid.”

Play in Process: Frozen Synapse

“I was naive, blind, thoughtless.”

Play in Process: Is It Time? – Empathy With the Elderly

“The game is about an old woman, but also it’s about what it’s like to be an elderly person in general.”

Play in Process: LA Noire – You Will Feel Guilty

“And here’s the kicker: whenever mistakes are made, it will seem like a pretty big deal.”

Play in Process: This Rat On A Skateboard Doesn’t Represent Anything Deep

“Okay, so there’s this rat. And he’s on a skateboard.”

Play in Process: Outland and Faith-Inspired Game Development

“In Outland, we have an example of both how and how not to apply one’s faith to game design.”

Play in Process: Hot Pursuit’s Moral Whiplash

“In Hot Pursuit, you take practical measures against chaos, or you enact chaos yourself – though all you were really trying to do was win a race.”

Play in Process: Coming to Terms With Violence

“Does the very act of making the violence explicit also make it unredeemable?”