The Female Gaze: Fifty Shades of Bondage

“Just like you cannot experience intercourse while fully dressed, we can’t experience healing through our sexual intimacy if we are hiding pieces of our inner selves.”

The Female Gaze: Conflict of Interest

“If we agree that abortion is the wrong way to protect women, we have to be willing to find the new and better way.”

The Female Gaze: Belly Dancing with Confidence

“In belly dancing, everything that jiggles—everything our Photoshop culture tells us to hide—is beautiful, desirable, womanly.”

The Female Gaze: No One Wins When Men and Women Play for Power

“Part of being Christian is caring more about others being alright than me being right.”

The Female Gaze: Summer Reading for Jr. Princesses

“Some of my favorite fictional heroines as a girl were, in fact, princesses—girls with sass, class, and some pretty hardcore fighting skills!”

The Female Gaze: A Time for Justice

“What kind of a nation are we if we cannot protect our own?”

The Female Gaze: The Body Beautiful

How much of your body do you save exclusively for the person given to you by God to appreciate it?

The Female Gaze: To Eat or Not to Eat

“Our culture does its best to place women in bondage to food, and in bondage to their bodies.”

The Female Gaze: Penny Plays Halo

“How often do average Americans get to really engage their imaginations?”

The Female Gaze: Dear North Carolina

“The reality is that long-term relationships can and do occur outside of marriage.”

The Female Gaze: Moving the Spotlight

“There is more to me than my womanhood, and there is more to me than how I looked in the mirror this morning.”

The Female Gaze: Susan B. Anthony and Me

“The problem I have with many of the recent legislature being passed is that it seems to consistently favor political conservatism over creativity and compassion.”

The Female Gaze: Great Expectations

“Your worth, our worth, is not determined by our bodies, or our seduction skills.”

The Female Gaze: After the Final Rose

“Finding love isn’t nearly as urgent when you already know that you’re loved by Someone else.”

The Female Gaze: He Said What?!

“In light of Rush Limbaugh’s very public outburst, maybe it’s time to start a conversation about why these words still have so much power.”