The LEGO Batman Movie as a Picture of Family

In The LEGO Batman Movie, Batman’s fears for his for friends’ and family’s safety prompt him to change, to acknowledge his need for them.

Girl Scout Cookies and Community

Girl Scout Cookies alone can’t change our culture’s vulgarity, but by the grace of Christ, communities can.

The Kiddy Pool: The Gap Year and the Sabbath

I love the idea of a bridge year for all students, but it finds its precedent in the older and wiser commandment that we’re called to follow: that Sabbath shouldn’t be only for the privileged few.

The Kiddy Pool: Monkey Kingdom and The Gaze

The Kiddy Pool: Wolf Hall and Ordinary People

The Kiddy Pool: The Ideology of Egg Hunts

“I wonder, ultimately, if it’s not really even about egg hunts”

The Kiddy Pool: Frozen Fever, Cinderella, and Servanthood

The Kiddy Pool: Disney and Marketing Nostalgia

“Nostalgia feeds on itself, perpetuating the longing for a story that can never fully satisfy”

The Kiddy Pool: Feelings and Truth in Downton Abbey

The Kiddy Pool: Back on the Oregon Trail

The Kiddy Pool: Sinterklaas and Christ

The Kiddy Pool: The Recital

“Who reflects whom, and for what purposes, with what possible interpretations?”

The Kiddy Pool: Where the Heart Is

“To love is to trust someone else with one’s heart, and that is quite a burden for a child to bear.”

The Kiddy Pool: Remembering September 11

“We define ourselves and our cultures by what we choose to remember”

The Kiddy Pool: Growing Up Duggar

“What happens to children when the advice passed from one generation to the next bears the curse of sin instead of the gift of salvation?”

The Kiddy Pool: In Pursuit of Perfection

“I cannot be flawless or produce children without flaw”