The Kiddy Pool: If a Pony Neighs in the Forest

Life and death are in our tongues, so let us speak words of life and love, words that uplift and edify, words that frame our children’s worldviews as holy and pleasing to God.

The Kiddy Pool: Marathon Mama

On running and mothering and grace above all.

The Kiddy Pool: Teaching Good Taste

“A steady diet of highly-processed, mass-produced junk food dulls the palate until we don’t really know what we’re tasting any more.”

The Kiddy Pool: Reading The Dark as Children of the Light

A child’s story of darkness and how it illuminates our fears.

The Kiddy Pool: Free Lunches and Child Labor

“Whether we treat children in poverty as inmates or as brothers and sisters speaks volumes about the Gospel we preach and practice”

The Kiddy Pool: Katniss Everdeen and the Greatest Love

“The Hunger Games is compelling precisely because it calls upon audience to consider what kinds of sacrifices, for whom, and for what causes, we’re willing to make.”

The Kiddy Pool: The Burden of Not Knowing & the Loving Arms of Advent

“I used to fear, during my pregnancy with my second daughter, that God would smite me for feeling ungrateful”

The Kiddy Pool: Joy Is Sufficient

“To produce anything of worth, we need to spend time producing nothing fearlessly.”

The Kiddy Pool: Jim Henson’s Compromise

“How many of us wrestle with the differences between our ideas of marriage and family and children and the daily realities?”

The Kiddy Pool: “To My Favorite 17-Year-Old High School Girl”

U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins shares a poem on our significance and inconsequentialness.

The Kiddy Pool: Andrew Solomon’s ‘Far From the Tree’

“The challenge, it seems, is learning to love our children for who they are, for who they are meant to be, and not as vessels or torchbearers for our own dreams and desires.”

The Kiddy Pool: Taking A Slower Family Path

“Parenting often seems about helping children ‘get ahead,’ accruing social capital in childhood to translate to adult financial and social status.”

The Kiddy Pool: Only Children Are Lonely and Selfish (Just Like the Rest of Us)

“I think sometimes in the rhetoric about how many children we (or better yet, other people) ought to have, we forget that families are complex.”

The Kiddy Pool: What’s In A Name, Mrs. Carter?

“Our names tell us how we know ourselves, how we want to be known, and how close we’re willing to let others get to us.”

The Kiddy Pool: Will Smith And His Family Are Superheroes. What’s Your Family Metaphor?

“Our families define us, and we define them, mapping out a microcosm of our vision of the world, its paths, and its qualities.”

The Kiddy Pool: The Anniversary Trust Test

“All we can do each day is thank the Lord for new mercies, assess the trail, work through it, and take a deep breath together.”