The Next Page: There Is Life after College and Character Formation

The fruits of the spirit that guide Christian character formation differ from the “human capital” Jeffrey Selingo discusses in his book There Is Life after College.

The Next Page: ‘The Importance of Being Little’, or Let the Little Children Come

Trusting children and young adults to be creative and thoughtful, and getting out of the way so they can actualize their visions, is a messy and uncomfortable process.

The Next Page: A Tribute and a Hope in ‘The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder’

At the heart of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s stories is an urge to preserve her family’s lore and legacy.

The Next Page: ‘Better Living through Criticism’ and Thinking about Christian Art

We mustn’t offer a knee-jerk dismissal of criticism of so-called Christian media, because sometimes it’s bad art. And bad art, even with the marketing label Christian, does not glorify the ultimate Creator.

The Next Page: Annoying People and Pope Francis’s ‘The Name of God Is Mercy’

Our faith should change the way that we operate in the world.

The Next Page: Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and Agreeing on Essentials

My loyalty is not to indoctrinating others with my narrow vision of good books but to reading.

The Next Page: Freedom in Christ or ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck’?

The more we know who we are in Christ, the more we know where to invest ourselves—and that’s a tremendously freeing way to care.

The Next Page: ‘Gut’ and the (Sometimes Metaphorical) Body of Christ

The point of both Enders’ book and the passage from 1 Corinthians is even that which is underrated is essential.

The Next Page: Joy and Capitalism in ‘Face Paint’

How we wear makeup is always tied up in what kind of women we’re “supposed” to be.

The Next Page: Reading the Celebrity Lives of Mindy Kaling and Queen Victoria

Reading biography with grace.

The Next Page: ‘The Toymaker’s Apprentice’ and Seeing ‘The Nutcracker’ Anew

The Toymaker’s Apprentice works as a revision of the Christmas classic The Nutcracker, and both stories can help us to see Christmas itself in new ways.

The Next Page: This Is Your Brain on Screens

It’s part of my Christian responsibility to be a wise steward of my time as well as my body.

The Next Page: An Examination of Conscience in ‘Manners & Mutiny’

Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series and lessons in friendship.

The Next Page: ‘The Unmapped Sea’, Jane Eyre, and Reading Revisions

The whole reason I reread is that a good book is never quite the same each time.

The Next Page: A Graceful Reading of Philippa Gregory’s ‘The Taming of the Queen’

Whether we know it or not, we female Christian bloggers stand upon the shoulders of giants like Kateryn Parr.

The Next Page: Community and Creativity in Reading ‘The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings’

A reminder that the struggle for creativity amid daily toil is both ordinary and worthwhile.