Today’s digital age means greater exposure to tech talk: and we mean more than just computer lingo and technological vocabulary. Every corner of our lives has technical words and phrases that make plenty of sense to those within the system but have no meaning for those on the outside. The way we talk to one another either builds community or prevents it. Those who know the proper words and terms to use within a particular subgroup have a measure of power—and that power needs to be applied rightly, for the good of others. Understanding how our language creates or tears down barriers to community is critical for Christians in today’s cultural climate. And Christians bear great responsibility to display humility and create spaces that welcome outsiders, not only to draw them closer to Jesus but also to be effective ambassadors of the gospel. We must be aware of the tech-based talk we employ in our conversational spheres.

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson continue their Talking about Talk series discussing the pros and cons of technical speech in our conversational bubbles. How does specific system-based language help people connect? How does insider language keep outsiders from participating? When is tech talk appropriate, and when do we need to adopt new words for a new era?

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