One of the things that I have the privilege to do here at Christ and Pop Culture is read the free stuff that comes with the nominal donation for membership. This month, I got to preview Sean Post’s The Stories We Live from Gospel-Centered Discipleship, available free to Christ and Pop Culture members.

It is helpful for all of us to consider the kind of story that our life tells.

However, I must begin with a caveat. Before I recommend anything, I always do a quick heresy hunt. I do not want to commend a book if it promotes a dangerous idea. Unfortunately, I have to report that The Stories We Live failed my heresy test. I will quote the excerpt here for all the world to see:

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back begins with a giant blizzard on the planet Hoth. In order to stay alive Luke uses his light saber to slice open a camel-like creature and crawl inside.

My goodness, what sorts of other heresies might we uncover in here?!! Everyone knows that Han Solo found Luke and cut that tauntaun open! Have you no editors, Sean? Have you no shame?! (Evidence here…not for the squeamish.)

Aside from this, I am happy to report that The Stories We Live offers a great read about how you ought to consider the kind of story that your life tells. I enjoyed the things Post had to say about the Trinity in community, why your new identity should tell your tale and not your previous identity as “sinner,” and how your story ought to make God’s story visible. Additionally, each chapter ends with helpful questions for reflection and discussion, making The Stories We Live an excellent selection for a small group study.

As Post makes evident throughout his book, your life is most definitely telling a story. It is helpful for all of us to consider the kind of story that our life tells. Are you telling a story of grace, forgiveness, dependability, or even of love? Do you feel stuck in a story that is boring? Is it possible that you are overlooking elements of your life that are more important and exciting than you think? As Post points out, “The most meaningful task you could ever undertake is to bring your story under the lights for interrogation.” We need help in investigating ourselves, and Post’s book is something that can help you in that process.

We value the great content coming out of Gospel-Centered Discipleship and are excited to offer Sean Post’s The Stories We Live to Christ and Pop Culture members. In his book, Post reminds his readers, “Jesus destroys the notion that I am valuable or lovable because I have gifts and try to do stuff with them. Instead, the Bible teaches that we are significant because we are united with Jesus and have now been adopted into God’s family.” We hope you will both enjoy The Stories We Live and find it helpful for your faith in considering the story that your life tells. Just try to find it in your heart to forgive Sean for the Star Wars thing. After all, he may have repented of his mistake already. There is always A New Hope, am I right?