John Dyer created a twitter app that he calls TwitterVoice3D. Basically, it splashes your tweets all over the screen using random fonts, colors and positions, then reads them, one at a time – randomly. It’s truly a site to see (and hear).

He created it as an experiment, to demonstrate the chaos found in unbridled technology.  Check it out at

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  1. More of this kind of thing, please!

    This is just so great. I absolutely love what he says here:

    The Online World is discarnate & disembodied – Twitter gives us a unique look into the thoughts, conversation, and activity of a person. However, it cannot represent the fullness of who a person truly is. I added text-to-speech to try to show how everyone can sound the same when mediated through a technological medium. Though we are connected in some on twitter we are also disembodied and discarnate (discarnate: the opposite of incarnate which means “in the flesh”). Eventually, we have to turn it off and be present with people.

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