Juno's Nagging Voice

In the first scene of Juno, a girl drinks Tang, walks through a hand-drawn cartoon credit sequence, and has a high-speed and ironic conversation with a convenience store clerk. Immediately, I’m thinking this movie is in trouble. Like a lot of people, I’ve grown tired of the ironic cynicism displayed in many of the most recent films and television shows. While I enjoy many of the shows that and films that started the fad, the onslaught of one-dimensional copycats has been unfortunate.

Election Night Lowlights

Golden Globes

How Do You Respond When Your Team Loses?

Frustration, anger, disappointment, embarrassment; these are all feelings that stir up in any good sports fan as he watches his team lose a big game. These were my feelings as I yelled at the TV, threw my hate in the floor and finally resigned myself to accepting defeat on January 7th.

BCS Champs

Console Flow-Chart

Sea-World's Sentimental Secret

When my wife and I went to Sea World, I was pretty sure I would be around a lot of animal lovers. I expected employees and patrons who were just crazy about marine animals and wanted to conserve them simply because it seems mean to just let them die. I was right, but I got much more than that.

Why Strike When You can Laugh?

Jeffery Overstreet's Top 25 of 2007

Guillermo Del Toro to Direct Frankenstein’s Monster

Michael Bay

What's So Great About 2008?

Even though Christ and Pop Culture is only a few months old, we’ve already had some wonderful conversations about popular culture and how we as believers should interact with it. To start off the year, I thought I would give my list of the pop culture events that I am looking forward to most in 2008. Over the next 12 months I hope to revisit each of these events as they unfold and as we continue to explore the way our faith speaks to every aspect of our lives–even pop culture.

Regretting My Ink