Coach Prime: Redefining College Football Leadership through Relatability

It’s evident that Coach Prime’s unorthodox approach to coaching enables him to get the most production out of his players and coaches.

The Wrestling of Gods and Monsters: Myth and Morality in Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground is less about sweat, muscles, and tights than about mythic storytelling—archetypal tales of heroes and villains, loss and redemption.

Ryan Clark’s Compassionate Accountability Is a Striking Lesson in How to “Adult”

If we want our kids to learn from sports how to be people who are responsible, hard-working, and accountable, then we need look no further than Ryan Clark’s example.

The USWNT’s Soccer Failure Might Actually Be Good News

There’s value in a loss, even if it’s not immediately apparent.

How (and Why) You Should Play Fantasy Football

In a big world with big problems, competition of all kinds—even fantasy football—is a way to make our world smaller.

Victor Wembanyama Is Proof That Giants Are Only Human, Too

Will the nineteen-year-old French basketball phenom be allowed to be a human before he’s a basketball player?

Following Bill Walton’s Example of Freedom and Sacrifice

Bill Walton’s career and life off the basketball court are good reminders of how we ought to use our freedom as both Americans and Christians.

Life Advice from Tennis Legend Novak Djokovic: “Live in the Moment”

We can live in the moment precisely because we entrust ourselves and our futures to God.

What Makes a True Sports Fan?

Because we aim to do everything unto the glory of God, how we worship and what team we root for can be equally consequential to our witness.

Take Me out for Some Hockey: Exercising Humility and Submission with a New Sport

Engaging in hockey (or any sport we’re unfamiliar with) is a fantastic exercise in practicing submission and humility.

A Grizzly Collapse on the Thin Line Between Ego and Confidence

Overconfidence mired in egotistical, unrealistic, and disrespectful notions led to the Grizzlies’ demise.

Breaking the Mold: Seeing the Image of God in Women’s Basketball

To ignore or even chastise female athleticism—or to tacitly treat it as a lesser form of athleticism by providing inferior treatment—undermines the breadth of creation.

Gervonta “Tank” Davis & “King” Ryan Garcia Reminded Us That Boxing Is Life

Davis and Garcia’s fight helps us rediscover the metaphoric beauty and struggle of life.

Is simply playing (or working) for the money good or bad?

Perhaps the question of whether it’s ever okay to simply play/work for money is not quite the dichotomy that we often make it out to be.

Cheyney Women’s Basketball & The Greatest Story Seldom Told

As long as we’re willing to persevere and trust in God’s process, we have more than a chance.

He Don’t Want That Smoke: A King’s Advice to Ja Morant

The best advice for someone in Morant’s position might come from someone who’s done it all, had it all, been there, and done that: the king who wrote Ecclesiastes.