A Castle for Christmas: Netflix, Hallmark, and the “Christmas Rom-Com” of Advent

A Castle for Christmas is hopeful in the same way that Advent is a season of hope.

Is Christmas Marvel-ous?

While the Christmas story is Marvel-like in the sense that it explains Jesus’s supernatural powers by showing us his supernatural origins, it’s not fictional.

How Foresight Changes the Battle: Miss Sloane and Spiritual Warfare

So it is with the “plot” of spiritual warfare throughout human history. Like Miss Sloane, God begins his story with a monologue of such significance that it shapes and reveals all that is to come.

Eternals: Marvel’s Impersonal Metamyth

Eternals is a movie that purports to be about human exceptionalism, but doesn’t give us anything exceptional about humans to cheer for.

Seeing and Believing 313 | Kenneth Branagh’s “Belfast”

How do you imprint a memory onto celluloid? Kenneth Branagh attempts to answer that question with his latest film, Belfast.

Seeing and Believing 312 | Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch”

Put on your dapper clothes and sit in the geometrically perfect room of your choice for a review of Wes Anderson’s, “The French Dispatch.”

“Paul Atreides Must Die”: Dune as Bildungsroman

Immaturity and innocence must die, Dune says, for children to become adults.

Seeing and Believing 311 | Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho

Halloween is receding into the mists of the past, but it’s never too late to enjoy a spooky movie: Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho.

First Cow and Nomadland: Perspective from the Margins

First Cow and Nomadland offer their characters to us as fellow travelers on the road of life, who know that home isn’t just a place, it’s friendship.

Shang-Chi and the Porous Self

Shang-Chi moved away from the modern “buffered” self toward a recognition of the enchanted “porous” self.

Shang-Chi and the Mythopoeic East Asian Superhero Story

Shang-Chi’s actualization into an MCU superhero gives us a hero who comes from a culture that is more we-focused than me-focused, and I see that as a good thing.

The Suicide Squad: Dehumanizing the Superhero Story

The Suicide Squad is a genuinely bad movie because it plays on war and death for laughs in irreverent, dehumanizing ways.

How Black Widow Tells a Better Hero Story

In her stand-alone film, Black Widow steps out of the shadows of an overly sexified characterization and becomes elevated.

“That’s Just What the Hebrews Thought”: On Sacred and Secular Relics in Film

Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the best Indiana Jones installments present viewers with truly sacred relics.

The Spy Film That’s Better Than Bond, or, Why I Watched Tenet Four Times

This reciprocal, mutual mentoring is possible only because of time inversion, proving that Tenet’s sci-fi premise is no mere gimmick. The story’s moral core depends on it. 

Summer of Soul and the Reclamation of Modern Black History

Most of us have some knowledge of the Woodstock festival. But why don’t we know about the Harlem Cultural Festival, which was held at the same time?