Wonka’s Recipe for a Sweeter Life

Wonka inspires a cherished hope, one that’s written on the heart of every believer.

70 Years with Big G — Part Four: Apocalypse and Hope in the Reiwa Era

Godzilla is a towering figure in modern mythopoeia, embodying the apocalypse of divine retribution and judgment.

Exposing the Arbitrary Line Between “Adult” and “Mainstream” Treatments of Sex

Art can be pornographic even if not intentionally so.

70 Years with Big G — Part Three: Renewal and Reflection in the Millennium Era

The Millennium Era set a precedent for risk-taking through its innovative anthology format in an effort to reestablish Godzilla’s identity.

Red Dawn’s Conflicted Christian-Pagan Heroism and the Need for Chivalry

At its worst and best, Red Dawn challenges us to think about how we see war, masculinity, and honor.

70 Years with Big G — Part Two: Judgment and Consequences in the Heisei Era

The Heisei Era films reflect a society aware of the complex relationship between human innovation and its unintended side effects.

70 Years with Big G — Part One: Sin and Salvation in the Showa Era

From a terrifying symbol of nuclear destruction to a beloved defender of Earth, Godzilla has captured the imaginations of diverse audiences.

Why Mystery Is Crucial to Our Lives (And Why It’s Never Going Away)

The mysterious God of the universe uses mysteries, and His words in the Bible, to encounter and be encountered.

A Monstrous Return: The Unexpected Success of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Simple tales of heroism, where good and evil are clearly demarcated, and where heroes overcome the odds, have an enduring appeal.

Dancing with TheWeightSaint: Richard Simmons’ (Surprisingly) Unsung Ministry

No matter where he was or who he came in contact with during his fitness evangelization heyday, Richard treated others with dignity.

The Discordant Heroism of Maestro

Bradley Cooper’s Maestro ultimately tends toward the narcissism of its central character, Leonard Bernstein.

Blue Like Jazz and the Evolving Ethos of Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke isn’t Miller’s imaginary “Cool Christian,” but his intuitive understanding of scripture is humbling and remarkable.

Redeeming Love Does a Disservice to Hosea and to Women

Conflating the relentless love of God in a literalistic manner with the romantic love of a man and woman is harmful.

The Beautiful Community and Brutal Scapegoating in The Peasants

This 2023 animated adaptation of the acclaimed Polish novel highlights the tension between tradition and community, and modern individualism.

St. Augustine’s Disordered Loves and The Iron Claw

The Von Erichs’ tragic history is a warning against what happens when we value some things more highly than we ought to.

The Iron Claw and the Grip of Generational Sin

Generational sins may undoubtedly shape our bent towards a vice or idol, but we are the ones who ultimately succumb or resist.