Tiny Space Vikings and the Upside Down Horror of Child Warriors

Children should be free to be children; it’s the job of adults to protect and preserve innocent life.

Seeing and Believing 343 | Nope & Buck and the Preacher

Kevin and Sarah saddle up and get spooky with Jordan Peele’s “Nope”, and then discuss Sidney Poitier’s 1972 western, “Buck and the Preacher”.

The Cycle of Crisis in Taxi Driver (The Philosophy of Paul Schrader)

Taxi Driver represents the psychosis of self-imposed loneliness.

Seeing and Believing 342 | “RRR” & “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

Kevin and Sarah take on a pair of buddy movies. First up: the Bollywood smash hit RRR, then they discuss 2005’s movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

The Cost of Peace in Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast

Belfast is a tale of triumph and survival in the darkest of circumstances.

Seeing and Believing 341 | Thor: Love and Thunder & Something Wild (1986)

Does lightning strike again with Thor: Love and Thunder? After Kevin and Sarah deliver their shocking review, it’s onto 1986’s Something Wild.

Seeing and Believing 340 | Marcel the Shell with Shoes On & The Illusionist (2010)

Kevin and Sarah keep things light this week with Marcel the Shell with Shoes On & The Illusionist, a French animated feature from 2010.

Seeing and Believing 339 | The Black Phone & Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

Does The Black Phone get a ringing endorsement from Kevin and Sarah? Also Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie: Hope and Hijinks for the American Family

The Belchers are both a representation of actual families—as real as an unvarnished food display—and the ideal we should aspire to.

Seeing and Believing 338 | Crimes of the Future (2022) & The Fly (1986)

It’s a David Cronenberg double feature as Kevin and Sarah review Crimes of the Future and the moist body horror classic, The Fly.

Seeing and Believing 337 | Jurassic Word: Dominion and Frankenstein (1931)

This episode explores the hubris of humanity with Jurassic World Dominion and one of the original monster movies, 1931’s Frankenstein.

Seeing and Believing 336 | Men & Anomalisa

Are men okay? Kevin and Sarah want to know after watching Alex Garland’s movie Men, and Charlie Kaufman’s 2015 stop-motion movie Anomalisa.

Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s Flee Offers a Convicting Glimpse Into the Lives of Refugees

Flee asks us to consider how we fail, or simply refuse, to confront the suffering of others.

Seeing and Believing 335 | “Top Gun: Maverick” & “The Right Stuff”

Kevin and Sarah feel the need…the need for speed…and for Dad Movies. First, in a review of Top Gun: Maverick, then The Right Stuff.

Disney’s Encanto Follows in Studio Ghibli’s Footsteps

Its lack of a clear villain places Encanto closer to Studio Ghibli films than to classic Disney ones.

Seeing and Believing 334 | “Parallel Mothers” & “Tokyo Story”

Kevin and Sarah take on a Patreon subscriber’s pick as they review Parallel Mothers and Yasujiro Ozu’s 1953 masterpiece Tokyo Story.