Beware the Messiah: Dune and the Power of Faith

What is missing from the Dune films is the complexity of religion and humanity depicted by Frank Herbert in the novels.

Walter Martin’s Song, Niggle’s Leaf, and The God Who Makes All Things New

Tolkien’s story and Martin’s song tap into something that accompanies creative endeavors: the desire to make something of lasting value, to leave a mark in the world.

A Separate Bargain: How Grief Is an Act of Love

How many parents, driven to despair, have offered their lives to God or the devil if only their child could survive?

Why Mystery Is Crucial to Our Lives (And Why It’s Never Going Away)

The mysterious God of the universe uses mysteries, and His words in the Bible, to encounter and be encountered.

Blue Like Jazz and the Evolving Ethos of Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke isn’t Miller’s imaginary “Cool Christian,” but his intuitive understanding of scripture is humbling and remarkable.

Redeeming Love Does a Disservice to Hosea and to Women

Conflating the relentless love of God in a literalistic manner with the romantic love of a man and woman is harmful.

The Scandal of Reading 37 | Tiffany Kriner on Louise Erdrich’s LaRose

Tiffany Kriner joins Claude Atcho to discuss Louise Erdrich’s novel, LaRose, as it relates to the fruit of the Spirit: Peace.

Mixing Faith and Feminism: A Reaction to Bonnie Garmus’s Lessons in Chemistry

How can we better our culture to make God’s ideal plans easier to follow, and not just for those who are privileged?

CAPC’s Favorite Books of 2023

Our favorite books of 2023 include an examination of feminism, musings on culture and psychology, space opera, Timothy Keller, and more.

The Scandal of Reading 36 | Winn Collier on Wendell Berry’s Jayber Crow

Winn Collier joins Austin to discuss the work of American novelist Wendell Berry: Jayber Crow set in the fictional town of Port William

Marrying for Love? Marcia A. Zug’s You’ll Do and the Problem of Marital Privilege (Part 2)

We keep on using the word “marriage,” but it no longer means what we think it means.

Why Marry? Marcia A. Zug’s You’ll Do Explores the Strange and Surprising Reasons (Part 1)

I never knew that American marriages had such a checkered history.

The Scandal of Reading 35 | Lit Pulpit – The Moviegoer by Walker Percy

Claude and Austin discuss Walker Percy’s 1961 novel, The Moviegoer, and its attempt to find a new voice for truth for the time it was written.

The Scandal of Reading 34 | Daniel Nayeri on Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Daniel Nayeri joines Jessica to talk about Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.

Nat Segaloff’s The Exorcist Legacy Explores the Magic of William Friedkin’s Iconic Film

Segaloff is in a unique position to bring all of this material together for people who cherish the original film not simply as a cinematic rite of passage for thrillseekers, but also as a genuine work of art.

The Scandal of Reading 33 | S. D. Smith on Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

Claude Atcho interviews S.D. Smith, who shares his perspective on Paton’s work having firsthand experience of life in South Africa.