Should We “Vote with Our Dollars”? Part 2

In the second half of his series, Alan Noble explores how “voting with our dollars” gives Christians a louder voice in the world.

Should We “Vote with Our Dollars”? Part 1

As with many phrases, “vote with your dollars” appears to be a compelling statement, but its exact meaning is not entirely clear. And more importantly, the logic of this statement is obscured behind its rhetoric. Just what does it mean to “vote with your dollars” and is it really something we ought to be doing?

The Crucifixion and Ice Cream

Sex in the City

Why Shouldn’t Jim and Pam Marry?

It’s an old scenario that television viewers have watched recur for years: boy meets girl, falls in love, hides his love or faces rejection, as the tension builds fans yearn for their union, until finally it happens and the episodes that follow are awash (either concluding the whole series, or just simply ruining it)! We saw it with Ross and Rachel, with Stephan Urkel and Laura Winslow, and with David and Donna (Beverly Hills 90210). Perhaps this is why I am so desperate not to see Jim and Pam wed. I like the show The Office too much!

C.S. Lewis’ Fiction for Adults

Pork and Beans

The Faith of Flanders

Alan Jacobs’s The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C. S. Lewis

The Narnian gives the reader a sense of the development and scope of Lewis’s intellectual and emotional life—often in relation to the more “factual” events of that life. Entertaining and accessible, Jacobs’s biography is ideal for the reader who has encountered the Chronicles of Narnia and wants to know how they relate to Lewis’s other writings, especially his apologetic works like Mere Christianity.

“Making the Best of it: Following Christ in the Real World”

The Playfulness of Indiana Jones

Alan Noble takes a look at the new Indy movie. When I first heard that Lucas and Spielberg were making a new Indiana Jones film, I wanted to track Lucas down and give him my $6.25 so I wouldn’t have to watch another classic franchise become lost to bad dialog and not-really-believable digital effects. I left our local movie theater 20 minutes ago and I am pleased to say that my fears were misplaced–sort of.

Spike Lee on Death and Dignity

“What’s the deal with all the Mormons on reality TV lately?”

Themes about faith leap from big screen

Entertainment Theology

Why Christian Critics Hated/Loved Prince Caspian

Carissa Smith examines the varied responses to the latest Narnia installment and finds that the reactions have a lot to do with the modernist/postmodernist struggle.